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3PL Logistics Definition

3PL is short for Third Party Logistics, which typically refers to a firm that outsources the logistics section of its supply chain to a third party which is also known as third party provider. Basically, 3PL is a realm of the supply chain management that provides multiple logistics services, which either be combined together by a provider. So these services that are provided are transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, freight forwarding, and packaging. Normally these services end up combining parts of the supply chain as they are present in the combined form, as a result they also comprise of a few services that are related to production or procurement.

Different Aspects of 3PL

Although warehousing is considered as one of the most important aspects of 3PL, the structure has changed quite drastically over the years. Where 3PL once upon a time mostly only meant transportation and warehousing but now it encompasses a complete range of outsourced services for quite literally all aspects of the supply chain. With the modern supply chain becoming more complex with every passing day, a lot of companies are turning to 3PLs to make sure that their equipment arrives at the retail store or the customer's door on time and with the lowest cost possible.

When regarding the benefits of 3PL logistics the fact that they help in cost savings, performance gains, and have quite a low capital income while allowing you to focus on growing your business should be understood. Also, it is considered fitting for companies that don't want to invest in their own logistics solutions whether it is holding stock in a warehouse, staffing the solution or building out the IT infrastructure to manage stock control. 

The Economics of Transportation Management Systems

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Transportation management systems economics can aid in the tasks of moving materials through the ability to quickly process the massive amount of data and variables and supply the information that logistics professionals need to make quick, accurate and cost effective decisions. Transportation costs are one of the biggest expenditures for companies, and these costs continue to increase....

Best Practices: Financial due Diligence and the Outsourcing of Freight Bill Audit and Payment

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The outsourcing of freight bill audit and payment is an important financial step for an outsourcing firm and should be treated as such. While most of the firms are financially sound, well-managed businesses, the general business climate dictates the importance of thorough financial due diligence in selecting a provider. This informative white paper highlights a number of steps that can be...

Sales & Operations Planning

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Building Sales & Operations Planning (S&O)  around a “Plan, Do, Check and Act” (PDCA) process represents a proven way to align financial goals with operational reality. Unless you develop a sound Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process based on a PDCA methodology, your struggle to meet projections will continue to persist. What are you doing to improve...

Supply Chain Finance:Invoice Financing,Factoring And Discounting

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Utilization of Installed Base Planning for Service Parts Optimization

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How is Installed Base Planning helping organization to optimize inventory along with better Service Parts Optimization ? Is it optimizing inventory by improving forecasts and generating more intelligent target stock levels in low and no demand environments common to services parts planning operations? Read this technical whitepaper that answer questions like - -What is Installed...

Shipping Nirvana: A Guide to Efficient Shipping

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