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Advanced analytics is helpful in reforming and enhancing the business techniques. Advanced analytics is the process of reviewing data by independent or dependent means using sophisticated tools to produce deeper insights and solutions for better business practices. The advanced analytic techniques include data mining, pattern matching, forecasting, sentiment analysis, machine learning, network and cluster analysis, simulation and neural networks. These techniques analyses every data in depth and delivers results which culminate in the business intelligence process. Advanced analytics differ from business analytics in their purpose.

A business analytic technique focuses on understanding the process and the relationships between different factors. These will help in building a predictive model which will optimize the procedure to find the best choice. The advanced analytics techniques can be classified into:

  • Descriptive Analysis

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Simulation and Optimization

These three techniques differ on their execution but in common directs at extensive research to find the most suitable strategy for best results.The traditional analytical tools consist of researching the past data for performance analysis, the modern business analytical tools allow businesses to predict results and forecast future events. Big data analytics and location intelligence are the latest development of advanced business analytics. The business analytical tools are easily approachable by even a normal user and do not require any complex team of technicians for execution. These tools produce potentially important information from idle data which aid in business decision making. Advanced analytics serve more as a troubleshooter, identifying the problems and providing satisfying solutions.


Big Data Analytics using Apache Spark

White Paper By: DataFactZ Solutions

Apache Spark is the next-generation distributed framework that can be integrated with an existing Hadoop environment or run as a standalone tool for Big Data processing. Hadoop, in particular, has been spectacular and has offered cheap storage in both the HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and MapReduce frameworks to analyze this data offline. New connectors for Spark will continue to...

Analyzing and Shaping Customer Journeys

White Paper By: Altocloud

Customer journey analysis is the key to analyze how the customer uses information as it navigates, ultimately unlocking more transactions and higher usage, and also to understanding and delivering on the needs of the customer at each stage of its journey. How can you build and manage customer relationships through customer journey analytics? This whitepaper describes a new approach for...

Mastering the challenge of Digital Transformation

White Paper By: Software AG

Digital business transformation is based on an IT architecture transformation with a roadmap for digital capability implementation. Based on the software platforms, digital companies create enhanced or totally new business models which offer completely new digital customer experiences. Established companies are building up software know-how and are acquiring software companies to accelerate...

The Top 5 Ways Publishers Can Be Successful in the Digital World

White Paper By: Iptor Supply Chain Systems

In the publishing industry, the rise of technology has extended beyond publishers simply digitizing content for those readers who prefer ebooks or online learning systems to print—forcing businesses to adapt their processes and products to accommodate new customer demand. In this new age, technology has allowed for many of these processes to be streamlined or automated, allowing for...

The Changing Face of Publishing: Gauging the Impact of Digital Technology

White Paper By: Iptor Supply Chain Systems

The emergence of digital technology has equally impacted the publishing industry. The threshold to paper-based books is on a significant decline due to the digital revolution. This has led to the advancement of a new phase, in the management of core processes that serve as the backbone for any publishing house. But, the lack of integration on current systems is a major reason for the disruption...

Digital Business Platform 2.0

White Paper By: Software AG

Digitalization is the road of moving towards digital business and digital transformation, as well as the creation of new digital revenue streams and offerings while doing so. Through digitalization, a company’s digitized resources are transformed into new sources of revenue and operational gains. Businesses need to develop entirely new processes based on modern software architectures...

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