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Applicant Tracking System Definition

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application intended to aid an enterprise to engage recruits more proficiently and it is also known as candidate management system. Job openings can be posted on a job board or corporate website, generate interview request and screen resumes to potential candidates by e-mail through ATS. There are various other features which include automated resume ranking, individual applicant tracking, requisition tracking, pre-screening questions, response tracking, customized input forms, and multilingual capabilities. Mostly large corporations use some type of applicant tracking system and it is projected that 50 percent of them are all mid-sized companies.

The implementation of an ATS is not restricted to collection and information mining; the capability to mechanize the employment procedure using a distinct workflow is incorporated through the ATS applications in the employment industry.

The management of conceptual structure is known as human capital. Analyzing and coordinating employment efforts is another benefit of an applicant tracking system. A corporation precise job board section or a business occupation site may be obtained, allowing companies to grant opportunities to in-house candidates preceding to external employment efforts.

Candidates may be recognized through the information garnered via other means or through the pre-existing data. This information is usually stored for retrieval and search processes. Off-site encrypted data storage and resumes are some of the systems that have expanded offerings, which are time and again lawfully essential by equivalent opportunity employment laws. It may be offered as a functional addition or module to a human resources suite on the enterprise level.

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