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Application Software Definition

The aggregation of programs designed for performing special tasks for users is termed as application software. It is a type of computer software system. They are also called end-user programs. Database programs, word processors, spreadsheet fall under this category.

While it might seem that app and application are identical, the difference lies in the fact that an app is designed for single functionality whereas, an application is capable of multiple functionalities. Application software is able to manipulate texts, graphics, and multimedia. 

The different types of application software include:

  • Word processing software- MS-word

  • Database software- MS-Access

  • Spreadsheet software- MS-Excel

  • Multimedia software- media player

  • Presentation software- MS-PowerPoint

  • Enterprise software- customer relationship software manager

  • Information worker software- documentation tool

  • Educational software- Google Earth

  • Application suites- MS-Office

  • Content Access Software- web browsers

Advantages of Application Software

  • As application software is designed for a specific purpose, it meets the users’ needs easily

  • Since they are usually customized applications, the chances of virus attacks are minimal. Users using this can restrict access, as well as protect their network

  • Most application software is licensed and hence they are regularly updated by the developer due to security reasons. Simultaneously, developers also keep track of any problem that might arise from time to time.

Disadvantages of Application Software:

  • Developing specific-purpose oriented software can prove to be cost and time effective. Developers might face hindrance in revenue flow if the software not much acceptable

  • Single purpose software might face a clash with general software. This can affect certain business.

  • Constant communication between the developer and the customer is necessary for developing application software. This delays the entire process.

  • Since they are used by multiple users, the chances of getting affected by virus or malicious software are high.

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