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ATM management system is a centralized monitoring unit, involved in strategic planning and implementation of ATM services so as to manage, monitor, and register ATM machines events. The system is liable to monitor the surveillance of the machine, detecting and removing errors at a very short notice. It also keeps a check on the price, keeping it as low as possible to enhance the quality of financial services offered by the banks and credit and financial institutions. This in turn also helps in proper utilization of the machines, so that they are 24*7 active for customer service.

How The ATM Management System Works

The system envisions client-server methodology, where the server is at the center and the client is at the ATM. As soon as the client punches the card, the server is responsible for sending specific orders, to which the client replies. The client consists of two parts- one is responsible for receiving and implementing orders sent from the center, and the other notifies the center with every action performed at the ATM. The operator can have access to Server and can connect to AMS system through internet.

Elements of ATM Management System:

  • Monitoring:

It is responsible for acting whenever client notifies about any hardware complication with the ATM. It receives and registers complain while displaying it graphically: notifying with different colors for different status

  • Alarm:

Soon after receiving complaint an alarm in the form of SMS and email reaches the operator branch.

  • File management:

This service works to receive files from ATM and compresses it to increase speed. Online selection of ATM is applicable while sending files, along with file log collection.

  • User management:

It helps determine the access level to send orders. It functions with the username and password and the specified ATM allotted for each user.

  • Schedule management:

With this system, sending and receiving files to/from ATM is possible within a specified time.

  • XFS management:

It helps in sending XFS orders to ATM while removing errors detected on monitoring.

  • Report generator:

This system plans and creates reports while accessing system database and delivers a variety of reports.

In a recent study, bank statistics claim high rates of withdrawal transactions among interbank and bank services.Thus, potential navigation and skilled management of ATM system can boost up banking business by banks and credit and financial organizations.



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