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Authentication technology is a process which involves the method of comparing the credentials provided by the user to the credential present in the database file of an authorized user or to the data present in the authentication server. If the credentials match then the user get the access as an authorized user.

 The main purpose of authentication technology is to determine whether the user has the genuine permission to access the file and to keep control over accessing your site, mainly used by the server.

 Authentication can be used when you want to keep track of users who are using or viewing your site.

Authentication technology is mainly used with two types of authorization process:

1. Two-factor authentication

2. Multifactor authentication

Previously multi-factor authentication was widely used, but because of its difficulties in use it got failed and password authentication continued because of its simple use.

Two-factor authentications is a widely used security process which involves two methods for security verification, one of which is very commonly used password verification.

How To Add Extra Security With Multi-Factor Authentication

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), is a very secure method for providing access to systems and data because it requires a second authentication factor. A large number of organizations use Multi-Factor Authentication to provide extra security for company critical data. Azure MFA can help to protect access to data and applications and meets user requirements for a simple login procedure...

Product Authentication In The Digital Age

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Product Authentication technologies are essential in the digital age to all genuine products and packaging. The proliferation of e-Commerce has forced manufacturers to look beyond traditional brick-and-mortar stores for cost-effective means to product's authenticity or select further product information. Digital solutions for product authentication do not require any additional...

Identity and Access Management: A Step-By-Step Transition From Requirement to Realization

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The Need of Identity and Access Management  Enterprise organizations are embracing holistic approaches as the next logical step in leveraging identity and access management (IAM) to achieve and maintain continuous security and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) health. Selecting the right IAM solution helps you to stay abreast in the latest developments in the field of cloud...

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