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Automated Processing Definition

As a technical term, Automated Processing is used for describing any process that has been automated through the use of computers or computer enables systems or software. An automated processing system requires less time and human resources to deliver a task.

Relating to this, an Automated Data Processing is a technology that automatically processes data where technical devices like computers and communicating electronics are attached to gather, store and distribute data. The reason for Automated Data Processing is to process a large amount of information quickly with minimum human effort and also share with a selected audience. We can see Automated Data Processing applications for broadcast signals, weather advisories, and campus security updates. Automated Processing in computers are generally mutable and can be done through changes in infrastructure or organizational structure. In businesses, it mainly consists of integrated applications or restructuring of labor resources etc.

Ways to Automate a Process

  • Firstly, one has to identify the small to big areas where automation is needed. For example, a team lead can make a monthly expense report for avoiding the tons of spreadsheets that are sent to them by the fellow workers.

  • Secondly, it is important to visualize a business and the future flow of the same to be automated. Also the tools for automating needs to be identified.

  • Thirdly, one must maximize the technological investments for the automation process. Many tools, available in the market, can help one to automate the business process.

  •  Lastly, it is important to measure the success or failure that has been generated through the automation process in the work or business. One can measure the cost or time-saving in order to understand the fruitful implementation of the Automation Process.


Testing Legacy Application Modernization

White Paper By: Zeenyx Software

When a legacy application is modernized, transaction flow may be changed to adjust to the standards and capabilities of the new platform. If tests are automated using a traditional testing tool, those user interface changes would require a significant amount of test maintenance to get tests running on the new platform. AscentialTest provides a short-cut by allowing users to develop...

Predictive Insights: Automated Call & Lead Scoring for Today's Call Center

White Paper By: VoiceBase, Inc

Today’s call center is not lacking data. But the manual process of analyzing voice recordings in search of business opportunities is labor intensive and costly. And it takes time— time that could be better spent exploiting new-found insights to improve business processes. By replacing human call scoring with an automated call solution offered by contact centers, call-tracking...

The Value of Simple, Automated and Customizable Cloud Migration

White Paper By: River Meadow Software

For a majority of companies, from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises, migrating data center workloads to the cloud is rapidly becoming a key priority. However, organizations are struggling to perform server workload migrations and cloud on-boarding in a comprehensive, seamless and timely manner. They face obstacles in terms of the complexity of manual migration processes,...

A Kubernetes Primer

White Paper By: CoreOS

Kubernetes is Google’s third container management system that helps manage distributed, containerized applications at massive scale. Kubernetes automates container configuration, simplifying scaling, and managing resource allocation. It comprises a rich set of complex features, and understanding this new platform is critical to the future of your organization. Kubernetes also...

ATM remote management solutions

White Paper By: TEKchand

To be best in class, an effective ATM remote management system has to clear various significant hurdles. While there are many ATM remote management solutions, very less offer the completeness, robust applications, ease of use, ATM-centric expertise and affordability of CO-OP ATM Visual Control. ATMs have always remained a significant piece of a credit union’s functionality, and play an...

Discover How Companies Increase Performance and Profits through Purchasing Automation

White Paper By: Bellwether Software

Purchasing automation eliminates bottlenecks, increases buying power, reduces cycle time, improves inventory management & reduces rouge spending. If your purchasing cycle is automated, the company can expect an improved bottom line, positive impact on corporate spend and purchasing decisions. This whitepaper discusses about how and why to assess purchasing automation savings &...

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