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 Backup robot Definition

Backup robots refer to SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) enabled automated USB 2.0 external storage devices, which protect valuable data without the worry of getting damaged. Also known as storage robot, this device requires no configuration setups as it is a fully automated device. In addition, they occupy a smaller space and are portable, which make them very reliable.

Backup robots come with manifold advantages, among which the fully automated feature tops among the rest. In addition to this feature, backup robots also provide the perks of Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) minus the complicated mechanism. The best part, backup robots can run on any operating systems, which include different versions of Microsoft Windows, MAC 10.4 or higher, as well as Linux.

Modern backup robots such as Drobo make use of the Storage Virtualization technology, which allows the device to automatically format and distribute data among all the hard drives inside it, instead of having to use the robotic arm to manipulate the hardware.

Data backup has been quite a challenge since the evolution of Information Technology. However, with such advanced solutions for storing data as Backup Robots or Storage Robots, users do not have to worry about losing out on any amount of information. 

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