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Big Data analytics involves the assembling, arrangement, and analyzes of enormous data sets with varying contents, to reveal or establish existing trends, relations, or patterns. Big data analytics requires tools for data mining, forecasting, optimization, and analysis.

Enterprises involved in big data analytics receive insights not only on their company's functionalities but also on customer preferences and interactions. With the right understanding of the data in-hand, businesses can take informed decisions that lead to customer retention, increase in sales, and improvement in operations.  

Big data analytics

Big Data Projects‐ Paving the path to success

White Paper By: Intersec Group

The advent of open‐source technologies fueled big data initiatives with the intent to materialize new business models.  The goal of big data projects often revolves around solving problems in addition to helping drive ROI and value across a business unit or entire organization. It’s often difficult to launch a big data project quickly due to competing business priorities; the...

Comparing Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

White Paper By: Sisense

Selecting A Business Intelligence & Analytics ​Solution​, shouldn't be based on the product with the most features but on the tool that best supports the needs of your business users. A plethora of business intelligence (BI) tools are available on the market, that address the increasing analytics needs of businesses of all sizes and industries. However, determining...

How to Build Business Intelligence Software Into Your 2017 Budget

White Paper By: Sisense

Does your firm have a solid enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) solution? In recent years, Business Intelligence technology has evolved tremendously from IT-dependent reporting solutions to self-service, user-friendly, business-centric solutions.  As firms begin to consider enterprise BI, the first step is to take an inventory of existing technology. You may find it is money your...

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