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Introduction to Call tracking software 

With the growth of technology has grown the threat to one's privacy and to resolve the privacy threat we again use technologies. Call tracking software has become a cycle to use technology, fall into risk and use them again to get out of that, which is a never-ending process. One such technology is ‘Call tracking’. Call tracking software enables us to track information’s about incoming phone calls and also allows us to record the conversation.

The major call tracking software features are

  • It allows you to know the number of the call

  • It provides the  geographical location of a caller

  • It allows you to record the whole conversation

  • It allows us to record the origin of the digital marketing call

‚ÄčThe Key Role of Call Tracking Softwares in Business 

When it comes to business, call tracking software is a boon to pay - per -call advertising. It is an advertising method that pays its publisher by calculating the number of calls made by the viewers of the ad.  Call tracking software enables to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. In simpler terms, it informs us which method drives more callers to the business. Call tracking works on a simple yet effective method of providing unique phone numbers to each campaign and tracking the most effective method by calculating the number of callers that each method gets.

The Marketer's Big Book of Call Tracking Success Stories

White Paper By: DialogTech

Even in today’s digital world, a phone conversation is often the best way to earn a customer’s business and loyalty. It’s why for many businesses, an inbound phone call is the most valuable conversion from their marketing and website.  If your business values phone calls, your marketing team should take a data-driven approach to generating more inbound calls, and this...

All-in-one headset control. All in the cloud.

White Paper By: Plantronics

PERSONAL HEADSET CONTROL FROM THE DESKTOP In the era of digitally empowered consumer, customer experience is a key business driver. Effortless management of headsets by IT and efficient headset control provides users with well-maintained devices that enable them to confidently engage with customers and ultimately improve the customer experience. When every call is critical, it’s...

Building your brand around better customer service

White Paper By: Plantronics

In today’s omni-channel world, customer service centers play a vital role in building brands and growing revenues. The outcome of all the customer interactions is the customer experience, and it is this experience that the customer associates with your brand. Organizations need to rebuild around the customer experience and ensure every department understands its role in delivering the...

Effortless Customer Engagement: Extra care with every call

White Paper By: Plantronics

Delivering a great customer engagement is something every brand is striving for. Better customer engagement brings new ways to strengthen customer relationships through technological breakthroughs. Customers get the service they deserve when the Customer Service Representatives (CSR) is able to pay attention to what they are saying. They are less likely to have to repeat themselves if the...

The Executive Guide to Improving 6 Call Center Metrics

White Paper By: Fonolo

For executives, measuring and improving call center metrics can be a pain point. Your call center operates in a stressful environment where good quality call center performance metrics lead to a higher standard of customer service. In this white paper on “The Executive Guide to Improving 6 Call Center Metrics,” you'll find how to improve 6 key call center metrics for better...

Predictive Insights: Automated Call & Lead Scoring for Today's Call Center

White Paper By: VoiceBase, Inc

Today’s call center is not lacking data. But the manual process of analyzing voice recordings in search of business opportunities is labor intensive and costly. And it takes time— time that could be better spent exploiting new-found insights to improve business processes. By replacing human call scoring with an automated call solution offered by contact centers, call-tracking...

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