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Call Tracking

Call tracking is a process which helps the companies to track their advertisements and marketing campaigns which drive calls from the public. Calls from local and toll-free numbers in response to the online, offline advertisement initiatives, internet search, and social media campaigns are also included in the process.

How Call Tracking is helpful?

With help of call tracking system, a business group can easily evaluate the effectiveness of the performance of its advertisements, the response obtained to the marketing investment and others. The companies which aimed to earn higher profit can’t track the response of the viewers to their advertisements, effectiveness of other marketing campaigns and others without the proper use of call tracking system. The call tracking system also helps the businesses to make necessary modifications in their products or services based on the response of the callers who dialed the advertisers in response to their advertising campaigns.

A call tracking software allows a company to assign phone numbers to online and offline advertisement campaigns. The responses of the audience tracked and analyzed through customer relationship management (CRM) system and later assessed by the key metrics. The call tracking makes a return to investment much visible and to take business decisions accordingly. Call tracking system also supports the companies in many ways. A company can easily track the spots which are sending good response improving the conversation rates.

Effect of smartphones on Call Tracking

The advent of smartphones has changed the shape of call tracking significantly as the caller can see the online advertisements and can dial the numbers on time. The calls from smartphones help the companies to track the response of the audience easily.  The call tracking systems also provide the clear picture of how the company’s marketing channels interconnected to hold campaign on products or services.

Call tracking provides valuable insights over advertising strategies adopted by a company. This also assists the company to make necessary modifications to improve the service according to the requirements of the callers or future customers.  

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