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Cloud backup is the ability to save and restore data from a remote, cloud-based server provided by a third-party service provider. The data on cloud backup can be remotely accessed from multiple resources. Generally, data is encrypted thus offering secured off-site storage. Cloud backup is also known as online backup or remote backup.

Cloud backup refers to a strategy required for data backup, which involves the user to send a copy of the data to an off-site server through a public or a proprietary network. Also known as Online Backup, the hosting of the server for the backup is generally arranged by a third-party. This third-party service provider charges their clients fees based on the number of users, bandwidth or capacity. In case the off-site server is owned by an enterprise, the chargeback method is mostly similar to that of the third-party charges. The major benefit that cloud backup provides companies with is that the data protection of the organization without enhancing the workload.

Data Restoration

Cloud backup is generally arranged on client software which is run on a schedule pre-determined by the level of service. For instance, in case the customer has agreed on a contract with the third party to schedule daily backups, the application software accumulates the data, compresses it, and transfers the same to the server of the service provider every 24 hours. Most of the time cloud servers require possessing adequate hardware and software necessary for protecting the entire data of an organization. The necessary equipment includes SQL Server and applications involving Exchange.

Subscriptions Rates

Most cloud backup subscriptions are charged on a yearly or monthly basis. Cloud backup, which was initially designed to be used at home offices, has now been adopted by small, medium and large businesses. However, in large companies, cloud backup for data are sometimes used as a substitute form of backup. Every different cloud backup models has a different pricing scale. Nevertheless, it is important to look into terms and conditions which are likely to incur hidden charges. Most of the cloud backup service providers charge on a price-per-gigabyte-per-month, but they can also use sliding models, which can lead to additional transaction costs.

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