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Cloud Database Definition

Database management has undergone a transition from bulky hard drives to all on-cloud. Cloud based database management isn’t anything from the recent years, but has been around since the early days of the internet.  DBMS capabilities exercised over cloud is defined as ‘cloud database’ and is powered by cloud computers to facilitate data exchange. Computers offering Database-as-a-service enable the users to access data remotely without the need for a database at their end.  Service providers configure and maintain the database entirely, saving real estate and computational power at the users’ end. The service saves cost in terms of hardware and power consumption with the additional benefit of zero or limited physical infrastructure.

The service offers instantaneous scalability, catering to unexpected spikes in storage and on-site infrastructure. In addition, it facilitates stable and consistent performance of the remote server and the server provider’s guarantee of data safety and security. Many reliable service providers such as Amazon and Microsoft offer instant upgrades to the latest and greatest innovations in their cloud platforms. Cloud database allows companies to obtain cost-effectiveness and capability levels suitable to their requirement and facilitates the flexibility to adapt to the growing needs of the company. Preferences of cloud database includes: dedicated pluggable databases, virtualized databases, bare metal databases and databases running on engineered infrastructure.

Traditional cloud database platforms such as a MySQL or SQL Server database have recently undergone a transition to cloud. Other popular data storage platforms such as Xeround's MySQL utilize cloud resources to help enterprises achieve scalability, reliability, and stability. SQL databases offer high performances and scalability that ranges upto 10TB in storage, 25000 IOPS, and 208GB of RAM in a single iteration. However different the configurations cloud database platforms offer multiple benefits and offers a string of advantages over the traditional legacy mainframes. 

Rethinking Recovery for Distributed and Cloud Databases: A Versioned Database Future

White Paper By: Datos IO

Enterprise-grade recovery capabilities for distributed and cloud databases is a necessity. It is no exaggeration to say modern enterprises cannot run without business applications and underlying databases. To unlock enterprise value from their data, organizations must be sure that the data can be managed and recovered over its lifecycle. It is imperative that businesses fill these data...

The Slow Demise of VDI and The Rise of The App Store

White Paper By: software2inc

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a shadow copy of the desktop including its OS, installed applications and documents, which are stored and executed entirely from the server hosting it. Desktop virtualization is one of the stand-out technologies of the past decade. With the advent of Google apps and cloud storage services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, IT users quickly...

The 10 Essential Steps to Open Your Data

White Paper By: OpenDataSoft

OpenDataSoft came up with a smart and innovative approach that boosts the creation of new urban services. Providing deep insight in the potential of Open Data program, benefits of Open Data and Open Data market value. Transforming data into APIs, data visualizations, and real-time monitoring, making it easy for government organizations and business users to publish, share and re-use data with...

Hybrid Cloud Computing: Cloud File Server Overview

White Paper By: Storage Made Easy

Hybrid Cloud computing essentially continues to offer businesses all the benefits associated with the public cloud whilst enabling them to continue to have choices of storing certain types of data privately. This hybrid cloud computing white paper guides on how hybrid cloud file server can be used by businesses to achieve their objectives, creating a virtual, cloud server managed by you -...

How to Take Back Control of 'Cloud Sprawl' in your Company?

White Paper By: Storage Made Easy

Cloud sprawl is becoming a big problem for many operations. Does your organization is also facing a cloud sprawl problem? This whitepaper will guide you to deal with ever-growing use of public cloud services and apps by individuals within a company (commonly refrerred as "Cloud Sprwal") using an enterprise File Share and Sync solution for...

LIMS- Going the Cloud Way

White Paper By: CloudLIMS

Cloud based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) guarantees a limitless expansion for lab automation at an affordable price and thus, removes the existing bottlenecks for business growth in today's unpredictable economic times and with evolving cloud computing technologies, This white paper on “LIMS Implementation” is for those bio-banks, clinical research and food...

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