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Cloud Deployment Definition       

  The quote "Every business is becoming a software business" is turning out to be a popular widespread belief. The digital transformation that businesses globally are witnessing is radical. The race to obtain a competitive edge has spurred this rapid growth of the use of cloud computing. This shift towards cloud allows organizations to operate with more mobility and lesser costs. The need for physical hardware and its maintenance is eliminated with the deployment of cloud within an organization. The past five years alone have witnessed a sharp increase in the number of companies embracing the cloud. However, cyber security issues remain the top concern among a dwindling population of cloud skeptics.

Cloud Deployment comes into play because different companies have a myriad business needs and expectations from the cloud technology. Cloud Deployment can be defined as the process of choosing an ideal cloud computing SaaS that meets the needs of a particular business structure, considering the number of available resources. There are various cloud service providers like AWS and Microsoft that offer cloud services as SaaS in the form of monthly subscriptions or yearly subscriptions.

            There are four different types of cloud computing deployment models - Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Community Cloud. Public Cloud is an open cloud service that is available for public utilization. This cloud infrastructure is normally free of charge and tends to differ from other cloud models in terms of security and accessibility. Private Cloud is a closed or internal cloud service that is protected by a firewall and is governed by an IT department. Private cloud only allows access to authorized users, usually employees of a particular enterprise. Hybrid Cloud is a combination of a public, private and community clouds, which is used when flexibility of the cloud is the priority. A Community Cloud model is an infrastructure shared by many organizations and is widely considered ideal for joint ventures and research programs.


G3G Cloud Deployment

White Paper By: G3G

The G3G HANA Cloud deployment provides the flexibility to trial new technology and leverages the “always on” cloud to showcase innovations to your business. SAP HANA is the new “norm” for SAP and as part of your roadmap planning we can aid your decision making process and adoption through a migration proof of concept in the G3G HANA Cloud. Read this whitepaper on...

G3G Global SAP Support Services

White Paper By: G3G

SAP Support services are offered for continuous improvement of SAP solution-based landscapes and to optimize all business related processes.  You need a partner who will ensure that your SAP environment becomes a real business enabler, not a business constraint. Download this descriptive whitepaper on “Global SAP Support Services” and learn how to get the best from your...

Cloud Computing Success Demands the Right Cloud Connectivity

White Paper By: GTT Communications

Cloud connectivity has moved beyond the tipping point, with the majority of enterprises using some form of cloud computing in their business. The white paper on “Cloud computing success demands the right cloud connectivity” highlights why it is critically important for enterprises to use private cloud connectivity, rather than the public Internet, to access their IT applications...

Cloud for Business Continuity: Separating Fact From Fiction

White Paper By: Unitrends

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery were the most commonly cited reasons (60%) for having adopted Cloud-based solutions for backup and recovery. Enterprises acknowledge that cloud backups and recovery are required to maintain business operations and business continuity. The ability to recover data, when needed, in a cost effective manner was widely cited as one of the main criteria...

Testing Legacy Application Modernization

White Paper By: Zeenyx Software

When a legacy application is modernized, transaction flow may be changed to adjust to the standards and capabilities of the new platform. If tests are automated using a traditional testing tool, those user interface changes would require a significant amount of test maintenance to get tests running on the new platform. AscentialTest provides a short-cut by allowing users to develop...

Test Data Provisioning Approaches

White Paper By: L&T Infotech

Every organization should have well-organized and effective testing strategies in order to increase test efficiency and deliver high quality software. Test data is one of the most important factors in overall testing life cycle. Scenario-specific, realistic, right-sized, masked test data created in test environments ensures the following: - Scenario-specific test data availability before test...

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