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Real time testing and troubleshooting of mainframes is performed by computers linked with each other over a cloud platform best describes the term. Cloud testing involves data analysis and problem solving from a remote server. It can be considered as outsourcing the maintenance of a set of computers over the cloud. It alleviates the need of additional hardware required with the performance computers at one particular location.

Organisations need not worry about the troubleshooting and rectifying of the mainframe computers and can rely upon these cloud computers which perform the testing and amendment of the mainframe. It can be also used for data analysis and interpretation. For example, at space research organizations, data gathering and accumulation is performed by tools that are correlated with the source of the data. Stellar position and movement tracking is performed by telescopes coupled to super computers which are designed for this sole purpose. The data which is collected is then sent to the mainframes over the cloud where it is analysed and interpreted. The data is analysed and remotely evaluated for the suitable observations. Cloud testing is widely accepted for its cost-effectiveness, convenience and security. It lowers the work load on batch processing units where tasks can be minimized and abridged for better efficiency.


Continuous Testing for Continuous Delivery: What Does it Mean in Practice?

White Paper By: CA Technologies

Today continuous delivery is enabling modern organizations to become leaders in fast-emerging, technology-driven markets To deliver software that accurately reflects constantly changing user needs, more organizations are moving toward continuous delivery. Continuous testing helps ensure that quality is built in from the requirements, while validating each component at the development...

Model Based Testing and Behavior-Driven Development

White Paper By: CA Technologies

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) seeks to foster collaboration between the business and IT, inspired by the notion of a ‘ubiquitous language’, taken over from Domain Driven Development. As modern organizations rely increasingly on software that can provide value to its customers, IT teams are required to deliver fully tested software that delivers on changing business needs,...

AGILE TESTING:Insight from the Next Generation Testing roundtable on Agile Testing

White Paper By: Nisum

Agile testing and development is growing in popularity and smart QA/testing teams keep pace with current development trends. Implementing Test Automation in Agile Environments is quite challenging in the present scenario. This whitepaper is based on a round table discussion on Agile Testing. It discusses about maintaining and reviewing automated tests in agile Environments and different...

Cloud Computing Security Public vs Private Cloud Computing

White Paper By: Parallels

For CIOs and CEOs, cloud computing security is still a hot topic for discussion. The debate continues as to whether a public, private or hybrid cloud approach is best. While there are complex factors that can inform a decision between public or private cloud, security is the biggest. Choosing public vs private cloud services can be challenging, it is important to analyze the differences...

Cloud Computing and Blockchain Technologies

White Paper By: China Systems

Cloud Computing and Blockchain Technologies: Their Future Use to Support International Trade and Supply Chain Finance A combination of Cloud and Blockchain will potentially transform the current paper-based trade finance approach for the processing and management of trade transactions into a more inclusive digital and efficient platform. Cloud computing and Blockchain Technology also have...

Overcoming the Challenges of Mobile Application Testing

White Paper By: QA Mentor

Challenges faced in mobile application testing must be addressed in order to expedite successful market releases. The fast pace of the mobile market means a lot of quick mobile testing just to keep up. Development and testing of mobile applications is inherently more complicated than it is with PCs. Usage of multiple signals such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc can interfere with the...

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