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CloudShare Definition

CloudShare is a cloud computing company founded in 2007 by Zvi Guterman who serves as its CEO and Avner Rosenan, the current CTO of the company. Though founded in Israel, Cloudshare is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. The company provides a cloud-computing platform for developing and testing IT applications, software, and systems. With rapid ROI as a primary benefit enjoyed by its users, CloudShare provides a quick, secure, and profitable way to utilize the power of the cloud. The company primarily delivers pre-production environments along with the associated infrastructure to simplify and fasten the development, testing, training, and sales processes used by companies. CloudShare enables cloud-replication of on-premises IT systems or apps in under a minute. By providing full control of virtual machines, the company allows developers to quickly build and share their complex solutions. With high profile clients such as Microsoft, Capgemini, IBM, hp, Dell, SAP, Adobe, and more, Cloudshare proudly declares their platform being used and trusted by over 50 percent of the Fortune 100.

CloudShare provides two products:

  • CloudShare ProPlus is the single user version of the CloudShare platform designed for individual users, small teams of developers, integrators and IT professionals to share simple, multi-VM environments.
  • CloudShare Enterprise is for enterprise-grade applications such as development and testing, technical evaluations, virtual training, and other IT functions. It offers greater compute power and storage, as well as unlimited machines and sharing, unlike CloudShare ProPlus.

Recognizing the potential needs of rapid development, CloudShare works to provide the vital ability to quickly build, test, revert, and re-test to its customers. The company provides a library of pre-configured SharePoint templates that makes costly on-premise infrastructure to support SharePoint’s ever-growing system requirements unnecessary. This library is especially beneficial to those unable to spare time to configure and reconfigure SharePoint servers, and even those with no IT experience. Customers merely require a web browser and they are provided the ability to develop a fully-configured and customized environment in no time.


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