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Collaboration Solution

A collaboration solution is a  term which refers to a category of software designed to enable those working on common programs and platforms achieve their goals. These software applications foster innovation by integrating knowledge management into the business processes, allowing employees to share common information, to improve workforce productivity and creativity. These applications enable individual employees to have more ready access to the information when in need, which also helps solve business problems efficiently. On the basis of their varying levels of interaction, collaboration solutions can be divided into two parts:

  • Real-time collaborative editing (RTCE) platforms – These platforms are designed for multiple users who can simultaneously edit a single file, like a text-based document, CAD file, graphic content and other work projects.
  • Version Control platforms – These platforms allow users to edit files in parallel, saving each edit made as a separate file, in doing so, it always preserves the original file.

Collaborative solutions today add capabilities that enhance the working experience but also bridge geographical distances that help remote individuals work together. Enterprises are also taking different approaches while building collaboration solutions; some add a social layer to legacy business applications, whereas others add embedded collaboration tools into new solutions.

Collaboration Solutions Attributes

To be widely used and preferred, collaboration solutions need to possess certain attributes—employees should be able to access them easily, and they should be easy to use, the solutions should be devised with integration in mind, and they should share a common set of functions aimed at collaborative efforts. Hence, collaboration solution development is still an issue because of the socio-technical dimension of collaboration solutions. Collaboration solution designers not only have to address the technical issues that crop up in software development, but have to also take into consideration the organizational aspect and the social group processes.

Collaboration as a Key to Success in Retail

White Paper By: Lascom

Successful retail collaboration between retailers and suppliers can help smooth pressures along the product lifecycle and better manage products and projects in retail. While today’s suppliers and retailers are facing significant but unique challenges, there are common goals that drives retail collaboration – higher sales, increased profitability, and stronger business growth....

The Business of Mobile Collaboration

White Paper By: Plantronics

Making mobile collaboration a part of your work culture is not just something that is possible with mobile technology, but also integral to the way people feel they should work with one another. Today, more and more companies are embracing mobile technology as an essential workforce asset. Mobile technology gives individuals the ability to efficiently work by themselves or with one another,...

The Power of Video Collaboration in Education

White Paper By: ENA

Video conferencing technology has downsized and become a mobile means for collaboration. The evolution of video conferencing to video collaboration is fueled by the quest to build communicative and collaborative learning environments. Mobile technologies have drastically changed the face of video conferencing. And education has become of the most diverse and innovative markets for this...

Video Analytics Platform for Big Data

White Paper By: AvidBeam Technologies

Why You Should Use intelligent Video Analytics platform?? An intelligent video analytics platform can help you to handle massive amounts of video or image input data and produce results in real time. The complex process of converting unstructured video data to a structured visual realization in a parallel context can be done with Big Data Video Analytics easily. So would you...

Video Bridging Solution Promises New Level of Design Flexibility and Innovation


Video bridging solution for embedded video system that delivers a new level of high performance in low power and compact interface bridges that can convert incompatible interfaces between cameras, displays and processors, combine multiple video stream inputs into a single interface output, or split video streams into multiple interfaces is the need today. Video bridging service offers...

How to Optimally Deliver Video in the Enterprise

White Paper By: Kollective

What is the right way to deliver enterprise video? There are, of course, many ways to get video delivery wrong. The right way to deliver enterprise video is to implement a software-defined enterprise content delivery network (SD ECDN). Learn more about how to deliver videos to the enterprises cost effectively and efficiently. This whitepaper on successfully implementing a software-defined...

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