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Computer Definition

The computer is a device used to input data and process it to generate relevant output in the form of signals or data. The word originated from the Latin term ‘computare’ which means calculating or computing. The computer is a highly complex and modernized form of a calculator. The computers were initially started as calculating devices and gradually imbibed various features such as applications that could help one make notes or play games and so on. From the abacus of Charles Babbage to Steve Job’s apple, computers have come a long way. The computer has two major functions being performed in it- the software is constantly giving instructions to the hardware to generate the relevant or desired output.

The Role of Computers in Everyday Life

Computers save money, time and manpower; the things that would otherwise take months or years to be done is completed in a matter of moments by using computers. Computers can be categorized into super, mainframes, mini and microcomputers, which helps in performing a unique task from launching of satellites using a simple application on our desktop. As per the requirement, the storage and speed of the computers vary. For example, companies like NASA which operates using high-speed supercomputers, since speed serve an essential part of their business.

Computers became more accessible by becoming a smartphone in hand. At home, computers give access to social media, read books or work from home. In offices, they are the most important thing as they are the main mode of work. While the computer aids in almost everything from shopping to working and making notes or playing games humans are highly dependent on computers almost everywhere.

Computers have changed our lives completely‚Äč

Computers have made life much easier and faster than it was before. Large storage spaces have aided modern businesses a lot. Large data generated from various systems are being stored in the computer for future retrieval.

Moreover, earlier shopping, reading, working, calculating, remembering dates and events or setting alarms were done in different places. Now, everything can be handled by our smartphones. Carrying ten books was a great thing if the books were voluminous however now; millions of books are just a touch away. Calendars no more need to be checked since they have been replaced by reminders which automatically remind us of important events and clocks that need to set the alarm just once. These are some of the basic work done on a daily basis which makes it difficult to do without a computer at hand.

Computers are no more luxury they are available readily on various platforms and in various forms such as smartphones. Computers have also aided the field of medicine enormously and have made large-scale development in it in the past decade. Computers have made man dependent on it to the extent of addiction. Concluding the topic it can be said that computers have affected our lives deeply and the change is no more about ease, habit and popularity rule.

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