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Configuration Management

In order to cope with the increasing scalability requirements, systems engineers follow an optimization process of performance, function, and physical attributes with information such as design, operation, and requirements, attaining consistency through system lifecycle. This process is called configuration management (CM). Although widely used by military systems to stay on par with the changes in system lifecycle, CM as a process finds use cases in service management, civil and industrial engineering domains.

With a core function of providing visibility, CM process governs the performance of given ecosystem; the process documents adequate detail to support the process through its lifecycle. The process hosts information management for revision of capabilities, performance enhancements, and maintainability, without which, sustainability becomes an expensive endeavor and can have unforeseen repercussions such as equipment failure or loss of life. The philosophy of CM dwells on the functional relationship between various equipment, parts, systems and subsystems for adequate controlling of a system and its changes; it authenticates the suggested differences in a methodical process with minimal effects.

Application or software configuration management is one of the widely preferred solutions for software engineers handling various application projects. Not only does CM govern the change of process parameters but accounts the timely status check of systems to record and report on configuration attributes. CM accommodates configuration audits that are fragmented into fundamentals of functional and structural configurations to ensure that each module is installed in line with the documented design description. The entire process is classified into four steps or iterations that govern the CM setup: configuration identification, control and governance, status accounting and configuration audits. The four determine the continuous maintainability of a system in accordance with the process parameters.

Configuration Management for Electronic Security Systems

White Paper By: LABUSA

Configuration management for IT environments and electronic security systems are implemented within an organization to fully realize the benefits and maximize the security effectiveness. Locking down and properly configuring security parameters on servers, workstations and network infrastructure platforms has long been a mainstay of best practices in information security. How can you...

HPE Reference Configuration for Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) on HPE Hyper Converged Platforms

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can help many large-scale business and organizations simplify client image management, improve datasecurity, and enable remote connectivity from any device and, in some cases, provide some cost savings. Most traditional VDI and application publishing software solutions are very complex, requiring several weeks to implement and full time system...

Business Values Driving Business Applications With Real-Time Data

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This white paper explains how business values enable you to drive your business applications with real-time data Driving Business applications with real-time data bring a new dimension to business values in building business applications. BP Logix came up with the intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) solutions for rapid application development, through data obtained from System of...

Data Diversity and Cutting-Edge Insight For Sales And Marketing

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Today, the challenge for many organizations is that the variety of data needed for many innovative analyses is often locked away within other functional areas. Even with the inherent value in traditional customer applications, presently most compelling insights are actually derived by combining multiple different types of disparate data. This whitepaper focuses specifically on the sales...

Data Center Infrastructure Management Enables You to Maximize IT Infrastructure Value

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The technological platforms such as cloud, big data, telecom industry, and social media are engaging towards better customer service, workforce collaboration, and cost efficient means. It is essential to address the maximizing of IT infrastructure and the efficiency of physical data centre in order to intelligently monitor the availability of resources. The Data Center Infrastructure...

Data Visualization: Creating Impactful Reports

White Paper By: DataFactZ Solutions

Data visualization is an effective way to create impactful reports, dashboards that improve decision making, enhanced ad-hoc data analysis, better information sharing, increased ROI, time saving and reduced burden on IT. Data visualization is an essential component in the era of big data, enabling users to see trends and patterns that provide actionable intelligence. This white paper...

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