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Contact center infrastructure is constituted by the physical and virtual resources, including software and hardware, which are necessary for the effective functioning of a call/contact center facility.

For any contact center, it is vital to ensure that multiple infrastructure components are integrated properly; this includes integration of automatic call distributors, integrated voice response units, computer-telephony integration, and universal communications or universal queue management. Since multiple channels and technology systems such as phone, email, social media platforms and live chat are also a part of contact center infrastructure, it is important for the companies to bring together the customer data that is generated from these channels. This will help them to ensure that a customer doesn’t have to repeat information as they switch between multiple channels.

What Will You Do When the Phones Stop Ringing?

White Paper By: Altivon

It is quite probable, of course, that the phones will not stop ringing altogether. But the contact center that is prepared for such an eventuality will be better positioned to be responsive to customers no matter how they choose to reach out. And after all, aren’t customer satisfaction and retention the mission of the contact center? This whitepaper on “What Will You Do When the...

Increase Your Per-Agent Debt Collection Revenue By Over 200%

White Paper By: Ameyo

Fueled by many reasons, the debt collection industry has been growing and gaining more importance, forcing companies to adapt to this trend. By using a Dialer for handling large volumes of debtors, companies can increase productivity and minimize the number of interactions to reach the right party. This whitepaper on “Increase your per-agent debt collection revenue by over...

Ten Tips for Developing a Powerful End-to-End Contact Center Testing Plan

White Paper By: Empirix

Pre-deployment testing of the contact center voice environment can result in time and money savings. In order to achieve the benefits that pre-deployment contact center testing offers, organizations must develop in-depth strategy and execution plans first . This whitepaper on “Ten Tips for Developing a Powerful End-to-End Contact Center Testing Plan,” provides necessary...

5 Reasons Skype for Business Is a Natural Fit for the Contact Center


Past several decades showed nothing much of improvement in the technological perspective of the telephony technology. Though the presence of archaic PBX system still consumes a major part of market share, the present day Unified Communications however promises much more to offer with its major upheaval. PBX hardware for contact centers will be nearly vestigial in a few years – Skype...

Predictive Insights: Automated Call & Lead Scoring for Today's Call Center

White Paper By: VoiceBase, Inc

Today’s call center is not lacking data. But the manual process of analyzing voice recordings in search of business opportunities is labor intensive and costly. And it takes time— time that could be better spent exploiting new-found insights to improve business processes. By replacing human call scoring with an automated call solution offered by contact centers, call-tracking...

Pay Now or Pay Later:The Case for Investing in Contractor Qualification & Management

White Paper By: BROWZ

Though it might seem cost-effective in the beginning, hiring the wrong contractors could turn out to be extremely expensive in the long run. Without proper screening of contractors, you could be hiring unqualified, uninsured, and unsafe workers. This may lead to an accident occurring at the work-site which could lead to a string of problems and uncertain legal and economic consequences....

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