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Convergence means the merging of two different types of technology in the same device or system. The term convergence in technology is vast and can be seen under diverse topics such as convergence of technology, the convergence of data communication or network convergence, the convergence of data mining and convergence of data center.

Convergence of technology

It is a new trend and due to technological capabilities came into existence recently which allowed cost efficient and had a much greater implementation than traditional techniques where a camera a phone and a music player were three different devices, and two of three were immobile. Convergence of technology means the coming together of diverse technologies in one device like a smartphone where one can take pictures, listen to music and make calls at the same time. 

Convergence of communication Network/ media convergence

It refers to the convergence of the coexistence of two or more features on a network e.g. telephone, data and video all coexisting on a single network like internet being used on a computer employing which a video call, an audio call, and a chat session are possible. The convergence of this kind of data is known as the convergence of communication.

Convergence in data mining

The convergence in the extraction of data to create sequences or predict an outcome is where it is being used most e.g. the collection of DNA reports to identify a child with the parent or to create designer off-springs.  Another example can be the collection of data in a bank to determine whether a particular client is eligible for a loan.

Convergence current trends

No touch interfaces

Humans are used to the idea that they need to operate their devices with their hands. Which means humans are adapting to the machine, however in recent times it is vice versa, and the machine adjusts to the human. Examples of no-touch interfaces are Apple's Siri and Google's project glass. Hence the convergence of the core pattern recognition technology in a binary coded system yields a much more advanced version of the computer than ever.

Massively online

A significant advancement of the past decade were the massively multiplayer online games which converged the internet in a video game to launch the user on a global platform thus making it more interesting and even more engrossing.

The web of things 

The interaction of humans with their devices or devices with other devices to compute and generate consistent output is termed as the internet of things or the web of things. The internet of things is a highly interactive platform that has yielded a new comfort zone for humans, and the convergence of communication with technology has produced this result however, there is really no telling the fact as to where this technological advancement will take us, but it has given us the temporary comfort zone of a luxurious ad comfortable lifestyle.

Consumer driven supercomputing

While a couple of decades back man waited to pick up the phone in order to receive an email, they now interact with machines that work in place of humans e.g. when calling a customer service centre the computer generated response plays a crucial role but even as technology is advanced the need to interact with a human instead of inputting numeric values is something they crave for. The convergence of machine learning or artificial intelligence within a computer system yielded the results we now call unavoidable necessity. 


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