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Customer Satisfaction

A term recurrently used in marketing, customer satisfaction is fundamental for the accomplishment of a business on the commercial front. It’s a measure of how services and products that a firm supply is met up with the customer's expectation.

Being an abstract concept, customer satisfaction includes factors such as the standard of the product, the standard of the service given, the atmosphere of the area where the service and product are bought, and the cost of the service or product. Businesses regularly utilize surveys of consumer satisfaction to measure the satisfaction level of customers. These overviews or surveys are utilized to assemble data about consumer satisfaction.

Common areas tended to in the surveys include:

•    The products quality

•    Estimation of the product concerning cost - a component of quality and price

•  Time issues, for example, availability of the product, availability of the assistance of sales, time holding up at checkout, and delivery time

•  The store’s atmosphere which includes neatness, cleanliness, organized and a fun shopping environment

•    Administration or service staff issues, for example, helpfulness, politeness, and attentiveness

•    Convenience for customers that include parking, hours of operation and location

Reasons why customer satisfaction is important:

•    It’s a chief indicator of why customers repurchase goods and services as well indicate why customers are loyal

•    It’s a reason for differentiation

•    It lessens customer churn

•    It increases the lifetime value for customers

•    It lessens negative word of mouth

•    It’s cheaper and easier to hold on to old customers than acquire new

Customer satisfaction can only be achieved if the customer has decent association or relationship with the supplier. With the marketplace being quite competitive these days, customer satisfaction is essential and a significant differentiator of business strategies. Thus, the more is the customer satisfaction; more is the success of the business and the relationship with the customers.

Consumer satisfaction also depends on how proficiently suppliers manage and how instantly products and services are provided. This satisfaction could be identified with different business viewpoints such as the product manufacturing, promoting or marketing, designing, quality of products and services, customer responses, issues and inquiries, completion of the task, post delivery of projects, etc.

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