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Customer service is the support one offer his customer, before, during and after they purchase your product or service. This service depends on employees who can adjust themselves to the personality of their customer. More than answers, it’s about the promise, your brand gives to the customers. 

Priority given to customer service varies from organization to organization. A company that values good customer service might spend a lot on training their employees, in comparison to organizations that don’t. 

In the recent years, the importance of customer service in generating income and revenue is much looked into. A single good customer service experience can change one’s entire perception of that company. Assistance on training, functinality, maintenance, upgrading and other related things are included into customer support. When the customer service is regarding technical products, it is known as technical support.   

These days, customer service is very important in ensuring the success of a company. 

What is automated customer service?

Customer service can be provided by a person or be done using automated means. Automated means provide 24 hours service to the customers. Examples of automated customer service includes internet sites and touch tone phones. Touch tone phones include a main menu and the use of keypads as an option. Customer service by artificial means is used in automated online assistants that can be seen as avatars on websites. It can be availed by enterprises to reduce their operating and training cost and also to increase their efficiency. These are driven by chatter bots. The major underlying technology to such systems is natural language processing.

Metrics and measuring customer service results:

The two main ways of measuring customer service results to calculate the loyalty existing between a provider and a consumer.

  • Customer Surveys

  • Net Promoter Score measurement

  • Customer service metrics followed by the companies include

  • First response time

  • Average response time

  • Total handle time

  • Customer satisfaction scores

Instant feedback

Many organizations have now included feedback loop in their mechanism, which enables them to capture feedback at the time of experience itself.  National express, for example, has invited passengers to send text messages of feedbacks, while riding in the bus itself. This has allowed companies to improve on their customer service, before customer defects, in order to make sure that their customers will return. With the recent technologies, it is easy for companies to collect feedbacks. Social media sites, especially gives feedbacks especially if it’s negative at a tremendous pace. 

White Paper: The New Age in Customer Service​

Having understood the importance of customer services, even small companies are building product into their customer experiences. Integrating their support centers into their headers and footers is the strategy used by some organizations. Some others do this by adding links to relevant support articles to specific pages on their site. Many online application companies are adding a way for customers to log tickets within their product experience. In-product support is the wave of the future. 

White Paper:  Building your brand around better customer service

Building your brand around better customer service

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