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The cyber ecosystem comprises a variety of diverse participants like private firms, non-profits, governments, individuals and cyber devices that interact for multiple purposes. It is the interconnected information infrastructure of interactions among persons, processes, data and communication technologies along with the environment and conditions that influence those interactions.

In the future of cyber ecosystems, security capabilities are built into cyber devices in a way that allows preventive and defensive courses of action to be coordinated within community of devices.

About Cyber Ecosystem:

The information infrastructure that is interconnected and interacts with several persons, processes, data, and information and communications technologies along with others like the environment and conditions that influence those interactions needs to be protected and balanced. This is an ecosystem of any organization and is known as cyber-ecosystem which is vulnerable to several risks and threats. IT security is one of the most important concerns of all the organizations and techies all over the world. Cyber security has long been experiencing tension between integrated and point solutions. With the threats growing more serious every day, most forward-thinking organizations are adopting to a more unified approach.

Just one product cannot give any organization any assurance about their security posture. But there are problems with too many point solutions as well. They all together become ineffectual and cumbersome. But things go well if careful integration of multiple solutions is carried on. When Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software, Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) are put together; then work happens seamlessly. This also offers efficient way of addressing the frequency rapid-challenging nature of cyber attacks. The elements that basically focus on attributes such as machine learning, informations discovery, interoperability and authentication falls under cyber ecosystem.

How to maintain Cyber Ecosystem?

Maintaing cyber ecosystem is simply like working towards the immunity of an organization. It’s inevitable for any organization to adopt a cyber ecosystem. The different solutions that are selected for integration into a cybersecurity ecosystem are of immense importance just as the overall intent of the ecosystem’s design. The combination of IDS, SIEM and PAM solidifies plays an important role in threat management. Efficient intrusion detection quickly identifies unauthorized traffic and anomalous behavior. Information is gathered without blocking the network traffic. SIEM helps enterprise secure data coming from multiple locations. A centralized system is used where the analyze data is stored. PAM is the core of the ecosystem and it is a unifier of SIEM, IDS and other systems.  All the together maintains the cyber-ecosystem and helps organizations manage threats efficiently.

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