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Cyber security is the body of technologies and process which practices protection of network, computers, data and programs from unauthorized access, cyber threats, attacks or damages. It deals with controlling physical access to hardware alongside protecting harm coming via network access and code injection. The sole purpose of cyber security is to defend the integrity of computing assets belonging to or connecting to an organization’s network. 

Why is Cyber Security Important?

For an attacker, reducing a system’s information assurance become easier, with an increase in vulnerability. The vulnerability is a term which refers to flaws in a system that can leave it to open attack.

With vulnerability being on the rise, the necessity of a strong cyber security infrastructure is self-evident. A proliferation of cyber attacks is causing increasing damage to companies, governments and individuals. Along with the increasing number of cyber security attacks, the severity of the same is also on the rise. They are becoming exponentially destructive and targeting a broad array of information and attack vendors. These lead to cyber security being an important Business Continuity Planning (BCP) issue and to improve the same, a Cyber Security Audit is a great investment.

Cyber-Security Awareness:

Around 80% of all cyber accidents are caused by human error. Companies are spending millions on cyber security awareness programs but what they are seeking is a more sophisticated program that delivers a quantifiable and worthwhile return on investment in security awareness. 

To prevent vulnerabilities, a holistic and synergic approach is required. And to achieve that a few necessary steps are to train employees, develop a cyber defense strategy, prepare and implement a strict security policy, employ intelligence tools and engage in proactive cyber-security strategy.

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