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Cyber threat is a malignant and destructive act that tries to access a computer network through a data communications pathway, without gaining the right authorization or consent from the owners. With the advent of personal computers, cyber threats also came into the limelight. Cyber threats are often executed by hackers, trying to achieve unauthorized access to an individual’s personal information for either financial gain or to perform troublesome and mischievous acts; they hope to access private files by infiltrating and stealing data.

Cyber threats often cannot be expressively described as their effects may not be that obvious. However their uses and objectives such as authority, control, exploitation, reprisal, and profit are similar in most cases. Cyber threats are deceiving and misleading, they hold the potential to spoil the reputation of a company or an individual, thieve or pirate product designs and patents, manipulate governmental outcomes and proceedings, control power grids and systems, misuse industrial control systems, steal from payment systems, exploit  civilians’ confidential data and disclose organizations’ classified  intellectual property.

Cyber threats move promptly and come in many forms; they function simultaneously in different forms. It attacks the cyber crime victim in the form of malware, phishing, authentication attacks, data leaks and breaches, application attacks and ransomware.

Groups that involve in cyber crimes include hostile governments, terrorists, industrial spies, organized crime unions, hacktivists, and hackers; apart from these recognized cyber criminals, in some very rare cases, vengeful employees and spiteful intruders too involve in cyber threats.


The Importance of Gamification in Cybersecurity

White Paper By: Circadence

Top-notch cybersecurity is an essential part of our world. Data breaches can bring a business to its knees in the blink of an eye.  Gamification has a tremendous opportunity to revolutionize the speed, efficacy and relevancy of training in the quickly evolving landscape of the Cybersecurity sector.   Cybersecurity awareness trainings are usually a boring affair, by training...

Gamifying Cybersecurity for the Financial Services Sector

White Paper By: Circadence

Cyber‐attacks and threats against the financial services sector are ongoing – common targets include banks, payment processing companies, investment firms, and other organizations that manage financial transactions. A 2016 study reported that 83% of financial services companies cite defending against cyber threats and protecting personal data as one of their biggest challenges in...

Lastline Advanced Malware Detection

White Paper By: Lastline

Today’s sophisticated malware is a major culprit in many of the rampant cybersecurity incidents. Unfortunately for organizations, advanced malware is getting harder to detect. Malware assaults are so common that many IT managers admit that their enterprise networks are likely to experience a cyberattack at some point because their conventional security systems cannot effectively...

The Specops Password Report: Safeguarding Passwords Against Data Breaches

White Paper By: SPECOPS

Passwords are the thin layer protecting our personal information from the “unknown.” A few key proactive measures can make that layer impenetrable. Shifting some burden from individuals to password policies that promote stronger passwords is the next logical step. A proactive password security approach can go a long way for both organizations and users. Password security is a...

Buyer’s Guide: Self-service Password Reset Solution

White Paper By: SPECOPS

If you have identified the need for a self-service password reset solution, you are likely familiar with the cost-savings, usability, and security benefits. The next step is identifying the criteria to use when evaluating the desired outcome of your investment. A self-service password reset and management solution not only reduces the number of help desk password tickets but also...

Collective Measures Against the Invisible: Cyber Security and The Data Management Ecosystem

White Paper By: Delta Group

The increasing volume and sophistication of cyber security threats including targeting phishing scams, data theft, and other online vulnerabilities, demand that we remain vigilant about securing our organization. The current cyber security risks that are top-of-mind, the risks that aren’t, and the ecosystem that’s coalescing to form defensive—and offensive—measures...

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