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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data center infrastructure management comprises of tools, which include software and hardware that aids to organize and manage information stored in a data center. It is a method of combining building facilities and IT within an organization. The major aim of a DCIM is to offer administrators an overall view of a data center’s performance and whether the floor-space, equipment, and energy are utilized as efficiently as possible. For example, to improve and alter air conditioners, energy-monitoring censors and hardware supporting this are installed at various points of the power infrastructure, which helps the DCIM software to accurately analyze and aggregate cooling system energy efficiency and power usage effectiveness.

DCIM is designed for various purposes such as, to support the increasing global demand for electronic storage of information, developing a more advanced way to access and store electronic data, or improving the air conditioners of a data center as required to prevent the servers from failing or overheating. The energy necessary to store and organize huge quantity of information can be utilized with much greater efficiency if the infrastructure of that information is appropriately and carefully managed.

A few components of DCIM:

  • A single repository: A single database to store all data from numerous data centers and sites of all physical assets

  • Asset Tracking and asset discovery: Tools to capture assets, their details, interdependencies, and relationships

  • Visualization: Provides managing and tracking all data center assets and all their connected physical and logical attributes

  • Data collection: integration with real-time monitoring systems to gather environmental data to optimize capacity management

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