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Data Center Networking

Data Center Networking (DCN) is the process of creating and interconnecting the entire data center facility, comprising of the physical and network-based equipment. This is done to establish a digital connection between these data infrastructure nodes and equipment, so as to ensure that seamless communication can take place between any entities, and transferring data can be carried out efficiently. The incorporation of modern data center networking is to lodge various data center tenants with numerous workloads. In these networks, servers act as the main components to provide programs that work on behalf of the user, with their requests. In many cases, the responses back to such requests are API function calls. Additional to this, servers may also extend users with applications through means of language platforms, web protocols or even Virtual Machines (VMs).

Today’s data centers are increasingly becoming less bound to the typical physical and geographical constraints that were present earlier. In essence, the components within a data center share a common IP address, which is used to map them with one another. But with the bandwidth extend that is being permitted by the underlying infrastructure in today’s IT industry, a single data center has the ability to span the globe. Having said that, they are still mostly being used in the conventional way, wherein enterprises continue to believe that data centers are merely a collection of servers that are operated on-premise, that they may own or lease.  This interpretation is also being worn away by newer incorporations, the most significant of which is the cloud-based infrastructure. As the nature of data center networking continues to get disaggregated, the idea of “center” becomes more and more abstract.

Trupath - A New Approach to Network Monitoring

White Paper By: AppNeta

Data center servers and network hardware have been replaced by the Cloud and the open internet- and that’s called a great deal of change. Continuous and precise monitoring is vital for business critical applications and the networks that deliver them. This whitepaper discusses an entirely new way to assess, monitor, troubleshoot and report on network performance from the perspective of...

Data Center Infrastructure Management Enables You to Maximize IT Infrastructure Value

White Paper By: Panduit

The technological platforms such as cloud, big data, telecom industry, and social media are engaging towards better customer service, workforce collaboration, and cost efficient means. It is essential to address the maximizing of IT infrastructure and the efficiency of physical data centre in order to intelligently monitor the availability of resources. The Data Center Infrastructure...

Data Diversity and Cutting-Edge Insight For Sales And Marketing

White Paper By: Aberdeen Group

Today, the challenge for many organizations is that the variety of data needed for many innovative analyses is often locked away within other functional areas. Even with the inherent value in traditional customer applications, presently most compelling insights are actually derived by combining multiple different types of disparate data. This whitepaper focuses specifically on the sales...

Hyper Converged Infrastructure: Data Protection Isn't a Snap

White Paper By: Quantum

Hyper Converged Infrastructures (HCI) brings non-disruptive scaling, reduced complexity, and other benefits, but it requires a stronger data-protection strategy because hyper convergence brings new vulnerabilities. Hyper converged systems are a perfect target-one unique system to encrypt with a built-in replication to spread the malware. For smaller companies with relatively few virtual...

RFID:The Solution to Automating IT & Data Center Asset Management

White Paper By: Omni-ID

How to automate IT & Data Center Asset Management? As accuracy leads to efficiency, it is a necessity for organizations to increase the accuracy of their IT inventory whether it is for compliance, security or resource optimization. Unless the IT assets can be accurately tracked, organizations place their service, security and legal obligations related to managing those assets at risk....

Quality of Service (QOS) With Tintri VM-Aware Storage

White Paper By: Tintri

Redefine the Quality of Service (QoS) with storage industry’s first and only technology that guarantees VM-level performance and eliminate contention between virtualized applications. This white paper talks about using Tintri’s per-VMQoS solution to deliver performance Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and contain ‘noisy neighbors’ in a virtualized data center....

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