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Data Security Definition

Safeguarding digital data of databases, computers, or websites from cyber attacks or data breaches is referred to as data security. Data security is an integral part of IT organizations. It is also referred as information security and computer security. Backups, data masking, and data erasure are some of the processes that are used by IT experts to secure data.

Backups are used as a means to recover the lost data from another source. The procedure is highly recommended for any kind of user—be it industries or for personal use. The process of masking the data within a database ensuring that data protection is controlled and critical data is not exposed to unauthorized users. For example, customers can only see the last few digits of their bank account and the other digits are masked.  Data erasure is a procedure of software-based overwriting which overthrows the electronic data stored on a hard drive or other digital medium. This method ensures that critical data is not leaked when a system becomes obsolete or is reused. 

White PaperSecure identity and data in a hyper-connected world​

One of the critical data security processes is the encryption, where data is encoded and is not accessible to unauthorized users. In order to protect data, authentication is one of the widely-accepted methods. In authentication, users provide a password in the form of some code or biometric data to confirm his identity before accessing the secured data.

Even after spending million dollars for data security and governance, organizations often find it difficult to comprehend and secure their most valuable and confidential data. Understanding sensitive data is a vital part. It includes discerning, identifying, and organizing the data so that data experts can take the necessary steps for maintaining the data security.

MiFID II / MiFIR Transaction Reporting: A Practical Guide

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One of the main criticisms of the original MiFID was that national regulators did not enforce the directive with the same zeal across Europe. The list of financial instruments covered has been extended to almost all instruments traded in European markets – with particular emphasis on the OTC derivatives market that was previously out of scope for MiFID I. The issue with making this...

MiFID II data reconciliation: A practical guide

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Data risk is an increasing challenge in the financial industry, for the innumerable processes that need to be taken care, before reporting the data to the regulators. It is extremely important to stay complaint and maintain data quality for Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MIFID II) during data reconciliation. Duco Cube with its powerful and flexible reconciliation platform...

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BCBS 239 Leveraging Infrastructure

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Guide to BCBS 239 compliance : Risk data aggregation and risk reporting(RDARR) BCBS 239 is a regulation that focuses on a number of issues beyond just risk data and its aggregation. This whitepaper is recommended for decision makers at banks complying with BCBS 239, and looking to explore how outsourcing/engaging third parties can help rationalize costs and mitigate...

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Industry-First Data Protection Software For Distributed and Cloud Databases

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To handle the data protection requirements of this new generation of real-time applications, enterprises are increasingly turning to data protection software for distributed and cloud databases. Data protection software provides automated, scalable, consistent and reliable recovery for big data and cloud environments. What are the new data protection requirements for cloud database...

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