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Database is a concise and arranged collection of similar data that is usually accessible to many simultaneous users. Database can be stored on a system and examined by a program called database management system (DBMS). One of the most important aspects of a DBMS is its relational model which is also known as relational Database management system (RDBMS).

Types of Database

Relational Data base Management System (RDBMS)

An RDBMS is a program that is used to generate, modernize and control any relational database. IBM started a research project y the name of System R as a research project to develop a prototype RDBMS. Oracle was the first commercial RDBMS which is known as Oracle corp. limited, reports

Operational Database

Operational database plays an important role for business and IT organizations because they store the details of the amount of information a company has and the information of clients who buy them. Operational database can be manipulated as per the requirement and situation.

Database Warehouse

Database warehouses act as storage niche of data. In some places it is important to retain information for over 5 years during which it goes through screenings and editing and need no further checks when stored in database warehouses.

Distributed Database

Large organizations are placed as different offices at various geological locations; hence the data at all these locations forms the main database of a company.

External database

A company needs a lot of information other than what is present with them, which is known as external data. This useful and limited access data is known as external database.

Navigational Database

In this kind of database each object is a reference from another item in the database. They might use modern systems like XPath which help in navigating from one object or item to another.

In-memory Database

Instead of storing data on an external device this database stores it in the main memory of a computer.

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