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"DevOps is the offspring of Agile software development”.

What exactly is DevOps?

By definition DevOps (a mutual compound of "Software Development" and "information technology Operations") is a term used to refer to an arrangement of practices that insist on communication, collaboration and integration between both software developers and data innovation (IT) experts to automate the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. 

“DevOps is a procedure that engages engineers (Dev) and operations (Ops) to team up better to make a more streamlined programming advancement and discharge pipeline”

DevOps utilizes innovation — particularly automation tools that can use an increasingly programmable and dynamic framework from an existence cycle point of view.

How can DevOps help organizations?

DevOps is neither a tool nor a technique it’s a culture change of organization.Change is feared all through most Organizations of any sort, so the adoption of new procedures can very difficult. These days, organizations are required to rapidly deliver faultless applications that focus on client interaction, however without the right Tools, applications, and behavior, the basic undertaking can transform into a complicated mess. It takes the right innovation, situational appraisal, and state of mind to pull off successful software development and delivery which is only possible with a solid DevOps process.

DevOps process model

DevOps Can Ease the Enterprise process and revolutionize the performance levels of organizations with steps taken such as:

Planning  and Analysis 

•    Capturing and following 

•    Collaboration 

Assemble and Release (CI/CD) 

•    Repository administration 

•    Build devices 

•    Configuration management  

•    Cloud .

Integration and Testing 

•    Source code check 

•    Security testing 

•    Functional testing 

•    Performance testing 


•    Monitoring 

•    Analytics 

•    Business Intelligence

From Agile to DevOps to Continuous Delivery

White Paper By: CA Technologies

Transformation to DevOps and the implementation of continuous delivery go hand in hand. There is a need to stand back and rethink the way your delivery pipelines work, and challenge every point at which manual intervention takes place, custom scripts are relied on and handoffs occur. Success at scale requires building the right process and tooling framework to enable continuous delivery....

Cloud Sandboxing for Financial Services

White Paper By: Quali

Cloud Sandboxing for Financial Services will ensure that your applications run smoothly on your large and complex infrastructure.  Financial Services applications are becoming more complex and sophisticated – embracing newer technologies while at the same time having to support core services that are based on legacy and on-premises specialized systems. This...

Building Lab as a Service with Quali Cloud Sandboxes

White Paper By: Quali

Cloud sandboxing is the key to the successful modeling of production-like environments and consolidating Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS) test clouds. A modern LaaS cloud sandboxing platform provides the foundation for infrastructure-aware test and continuous integration (CI) automation. This whitepaper on “Building Lab as a Service with Quali Cloud Sandboxes,” provides insights for...

Automating DevOps in SAP: Change Control Software as Integration Facilitator

White Paper By: Revelation Software Concepts

DevOps improves efficiencies by bringing SAP Dev and SAP Ops teams together in the larger business context to coordinate their work throughout the service lifecycle. On large SAP systems, tight integration between components is crucial. The challenge is to leverage, not lose, existing third-party software investments and avoid disrupting user-accepted business processes and procedures....

Using Application Performance Managers for DevOps and Continuous Delivery

White Paper By: eCube Systems

DevOps and Continuous Delivery are the future of software development. IT managers are looking to improve the process of developing and deploying an application with DevOps and Continuous Delivery technology. This white paper outlines how companies can automate the management of enterprise applications through a single GUI-based Application Performance Management system. Key...

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