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"As the digital revolution has accelerated, it has become evident that “digital customer experience” is the key to engage clients and quantify their experience in the modern world".

According to a Walker study, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the year 2020. The advent of several front-end technologies is already recasting the way companies interact with customers. Artificial Intelligence comes at the front end of how a company delivers better customer experience. For example-Amazon Go, a grocery store operated by the e-commerce giant, allows customers to purchase without using a cashier or checkout point. Pokemon Go leveraged augment reality to transform the gamers experience in the gaming sphere.

 The key hurdle for companies to digitalize the customer experience is still brushing over the organizational silos. Leveraging agile processes and technologies will empower organizations to understand the crux of changing consumer behaviors that can lead them to deliver effective digital results.

Digital Business Platform 2.0

White Paper By: Software AG

Digitalization is the road of moving towards digital business and digital transformation, as well as the creation of new digital revenue streams and offerings while doing so. Through digitalization, a company’s digitized resources are transformed into new sources of revenue and operational gains. Businesses need to develop entirely new processes based on modern software architectures...

Customer Engagement Workflow for Enterprises Through Social Media, Mobile and Cloud Capabilities

White Paper By: BP Logix

Customer engagement workflow through social media, mobile and cloud capabilities have become the most important need for today’s enterprises as social tools and cloud-based availability are among the best ways that companies can deliver value and leverage existing technology investment for successful customer engagement. With enhanced mobile support, social media integration, new cloud...

Customer Intelligence is the New Black: Deriving Actionable Insights from Customer Interactions to Reduce Cost-to-Serve and Customer Effort

White Paper By: FirstSource

Whether it’s a B-to-B or a B-to-C model, the consistent delivery of high-quality customer care is a difficult goal to achieve. This is especially relevant in our device-driven world, an “always on” hyper-connected environment laced with multiple customer touch points

Taking In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) to New Heights:Enhancing the Passenger Experience

White Paper By: Kontron

Wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) system has reached new heights as one of the most dynamic elements of the aircraft interiors industry. With airlines facing an increasingly competitive environment, the in-flight entertainment experience can be a powerful differentiator for passengers when choosing a company to fly with. Frequently cited as a major priority for passengers, the industry...

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Creating a Customer-Centric Operation

White Paper By: ServicePower

Is yours a truly customer-centric organization?Is your business truly being customer-focused? Increased customer satisfaction is becoming the top metric used to measure success of field service organizations (FSO). Indicator of customer success implies repeat purchase decisions, new customer referrals, and extended revenue for the service operation. What are the impacts of increasing...

The Customer Journey Management Methodology - A 3-Step Approach to Ensure A Successful Result

White Paper By: QMATIC

Customer Journey Management is defined as managing the customer’s experience from initial contact to final service delivery. Customer journey mapping methodology is used to understand the flow of experiences a customer has with an organization in order to be able to deliver the best possible solution for every unique situation. This descriptive whitepaper is devoted to describe...

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