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Digital learning is an innovative method that integrates technology with the process of learning. Digital learning can be implemented across any areas or fields of learning. This type of learning allows the learner to grasp concepts quickly in a more efficient way. With the advent of smart phones and computers, the process of learning has evolved rapidly. E-learning, virtual lectures, educational gamification, portals containing educational resources and so on contribute to the development of digital learning.

Digital Learning requires more than just the latest devices, it should be a combination of the device, digital content which provides educational resources and instructions. Technology is the tool used to bridge between the learner and the content in the most effective and efficient way.  Digital learning not only helps the learner, it also helps instructors or teachers to teach effectively and efficiently with the aid of digital media. Digital learning can provide rich deep and up to date contents for the user. This method allows the learner to choose what is relevant and required for them.

Despite the numerous advantages, there are a few disadvantages for digital learning. The learner or instructor should have access to an Internet connection which contributes largely to digital learning. For better results, better tools and resources should be used by the learner, which cannot be affordable and can be out of reach. The bulk amount of data available has the tendency to mislead the learner from his or her target topic. Due to the excess use of technology students now tend to lose their reading skill and logical ability.

Benefits of Digital learning

1. Time and Place

Learning becomes less time consuming and can be done at any point of time. The Internet access provides facilities to commence courses at any point of time in a year, unlike the regular academic courses. The learners need not worry about attending a regular class in a specific place since learning can be done on their personal device irrespective of the place and time. Therefore, issues regarding time and place becomes flexible for the learner

2. Efficient

Digital assessment systems deployed in the software used for digital learning provides an instant feedback for the learner. This Allows the learners to understand whether more time should be spent on a particular topic. Learners can work at their own pace of learning ability, unlike the institutional systems.

3. Cost-effective

The learners and instructors can rely on ebooks and web portals for educational resources rather than spend money on buying books.

4. Global reach

The learners can access to courses and materials from different parts of the world. Additionally, it allows learners and instructors to connect and communicate with other people around the world. This provides a richer learning experience.

5. Variety

Information can be presented in a large variety of ways attracting the learner and increasing their concentration. Technological innovations like a smart board, electronic readers, ipads and so on can provide information in a wide range of ways.

6. Knowledge availability

Digital learning provides an extensive amount of knowledge to the learners. With the help of the Internet, learners are able to access a massive amount of data from different parts of the world at a very cheap cost.

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