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Digital Oil Field Definition

Digital oil field makes use of numerous innovative softwares and data analysis techniques to enhance and improve the profitability of oil and gas production operations. The major aim is to maximize oil field recovery, increase profitability, and eliminate non-productive time with the help of design and deployment of integrated workflows. The workflow merges business process management with information technology advancements and engineering expertise to automate and streamline the execution of tasks performed by cross-functional teams.

 The latest technological trends enable to increase the size of the well, provide real time data, and improve safety to a large extent. Currently, the advancement of wireless technology adds on to strengthen the digital oil field technology on the whole. By facilitating wireless networking, multiple automated platforms can be accessed and controlled from a single central location. This results in the reduction of a personal need to monitor individual platforms. Even though there are numerous technologies developed to improve efficiency, provide accurate information and assist deepwater drilling, a few companies still find it difficult to deploy the concept of digital oil field to all its operations and managing the increasing amount of data being recorded. But if the rate of the oil remains low, utilizing all this technology and the massive amount of data received will remain paramount.

Digital Preservation in the Age of Cloud and Big Data

White Paper By: Atos

This White Paper describes the technical challenges and potential solutions for preserving digital artifacts, for long intervals of time (several decades, centuries) in a new world of massive, distributed data.

Building High Performance Websites That Last for Engaging Digital Experiences

White Paper By: Kuno Creative

High performance websites enjoy higher visitor engagement with advanced styles, features, including strong content and eye-catching visuals. High performance websites go beyond meeting the immediate behaviors and preferences of today’s user. Is your website designed and developed for adaptability, scalability and on-going optimization?Are you still using the traditional...

Building your brand around better customer service

White Paper By: Plantronics

In today’s omni-channel world, customer service centers play a vital role in building brands and growing revenues. The outcome of all the customer interactions is the customer experience, and it is this experience that the customer associates with your brand. Organizations need to rebuild around the customer experience and ensure every department understands its role in delivering the...

Digital Banking and Fintech solution leveraging API Economy

White Paper By: Nexright

Application Programming Interface (API) economy is the key to provide great digital banking experience to the customers. API provides value in the context of Bank’s business & competitor strategy to meet demands of customer experience driving banking innovations. How do the banks benefit from APIs? Identify attributes which can provide individualized customer experience...

The Top 5 Ways Publishers Can Be Successful in the Digital World

White Paper By: Iptor Supply Chain Systems

In the publishing industry, the rise of technology has extended beyond publishers simply digitizing content for those readers who prefer ebooks or online learning systems to print—forcing businesses to adapt their processes and products to accommodate new customer demand. In this new age, technology has allowed for many of these processes to be streamlined or automated, allowing for...

Mastering the challenge of Digital Transformation

White Paper By: Software AG

Digital business transformation is based on an IT architecture transformation with a roadmap for digital capability implementation. Based on the software platforms, digital companies create enhanced or totally new business models which offer completely new digital customer experiences. Established companies are building up software know-how and are acquiring software companies to accelerate...

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