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Email Marketing Definition

Email marketing has become an important aspect of most businesses in the recent years, thanks to the advent of the internet. Email marketing is a personalized approach to reach out to customers, believed to be more efficient in creating awareness, rather than rely on generic advertisements. In other words, the advertising of any product or any form of media exposure to emails is Email marketing.

The internet is one of the popular mediums nowadays for businesses. Email marketing has propelled businesses globally, facilitated greater transparency and has undoubtedly bridged communication gaps between businesses and its clients. It enables an enterprise to grow and increase its visibility, as compared to traditional marketing methods. Incorporation of text, images, audio and video make an email marketing campaign far more interesting and attractive to customers.

The rise in popularity of Email marketing has pushed IT organizations to develop Email marketing software, making it more effective. With the help of the software, email marketing is an efficient way to reach the wider market and it also allows you to connect with your purchasing base. It helps businesses satisfy existing customers and also explore new markets.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Cost - Email marketing is cost effective. Reaching out to numerous customers via email is cheaper compared to other means of advertising.

  • Flexibility – This marketing platform creates awareness about a company and its products within few clicks of the mouse.

  • ROI - Email is the most successful marketing platform to generate ROI. The reason why most businesses invest in email marketing is the incredible return on investment.

  • Brand Awareness – Reaching out to a larger audience requires planning, design, and targeted content to build the brand value. Brand awareness helps in being in touch with the customers.

 Businesses benefit from email marketing only if they adopt a strategy that’s exclusively tailored to lure the potential client.

Five Steps to Email Compliance

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Secure Audited Email File Sharing

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How to Choose the Perfect Email Service Provider (ESP)

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Digital Banking and Fintech solution leveraging API Economy

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Next Generation Digital Control for District Heat Networks

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Franchising in the Digital Age

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