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Enterprise analytics is the process of using analytics to analyze and process data used by an organization for all its functions. The extremely large amount of data being generated every day (big data) has resulted in a data-driven business management culture. Enterprise analytics is the analytics of big data by organizations to extract the useful data needed to provide meaningful information from the raw data available. By harnessing the huge amount of internal and external data available, organizations can increase performance and use it. Enterprise analytics includes data mining, business intelligence, web analytics and big data analytics solutions. Analytics are useful in providing a competitive advantage to enterprises, it identifies growth opportunities and risks while helping improve customer relationships.

The increase in data-driven business culture corresponds to the increasing demand for analytics tools. The insufficient number of skilled data scientists in the workforce and the huge demand for analytics solutions has affected data-driven organizations. Enterprise analytics solutions aids in the transformation of an organization from a management culture that relies on instinct-based decisions to one that places a high value on data-based decisions. For an organization to draw meaningful insights from data, a data science team is required, since a single person cannot possess all the required skills.

The trend in enterprise analytics toward software-as-a-service and application programming interface offerings can ease the transition to the democratization of information among organizations. The service orientation trend can solely get stronger within the future, because of the rise of internet of things (IOT). IHS predicts the IOT market to grow from 15.4 billion devices in 2015 to 75.4 billion devices in 2025. This may cause a vast quantity data to be accessible for organizations to utilize in order to achieve information. Enterprise analytics tools can become a necessity for all organizations looking for enterprise solutions as opposed to on-premise custom-made solutions.

Embedding Business Intelligence: OEM with Sisense

White Paper By: Sisense

To capitalize on the value of their information, many companies today are taking an embedded approach to analytics and delivering insights into the everyday workflow of their users through embedded analytics and business intelligence (BI). However, in order to successfully expose analytics to customers and partners, companies are faced with three main challenges such as manage...

5 Signs It's Time You Move Toward a Business Intelligence Solution

White Paper By: Sisense

Business intelligence (BI) application is increasingly cited as the way to get actionable insights out of the data growing every day, to improve business performance and results. If your enterprise is struggling to get valuable insights from data you want to make smart business strategies and take good business decisions. Also, you probably already possess or have access to data...

Eliminating Application SDS Performance and Capacity Management Contortionism

White Paper By: FalconStor

With a good reason, Software-Defined Storage (SDS) has exploded into the storage market. SDS enables server-side storage (HDDs, SSDs, and storage systems) to be shared with multiple hosts and virtual machines. Application storage performance management is far too frequently a non-trivial operation. This whitepaper provides insights on ways to eliminate application SDS performance and...

Enhanced Lambda Architecture in AWS using Apache Spark

White Paper By: DataFactZ Solutions

Lambda architecture can handle massive quantities of data by providing a single framework. Through Amazon Web Services, we can quickly implement the Lambda Architecture, reduce maintenance overhead and reduce costs. Lambda Architecture also helps in reducing any delay between data collection and availability in dashboards using Apache Spark. This whitepaper discusses about the benefits of...

Big Data Analytics using Apache Spark

White Paper By: DataFactZ Solutions

Apache Spark is the next-generation distributed framework that can be integrated with an existing Hadoop environment or run as a standalone tool for Big Data processing. Hadoop, in particular, has been spectacular and has offered cheap storage in both the HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and MapReduce frameworks to analyze this data offline. New connectors for Spark will continue to...

Speech Analytics: Convert Voice of The Customer Into Business Success

White Paper By: CallMiner

Speech analytics as a technology is used to analyze customer conversations taking place through phone and/or interactive voice response (IVR) during or after the call. Don’t just analyze data, use speech analytics to deliver actionable guidance to employees to support them in doing their jobs. Research shows that 37% of speech analytics users currently use voice biometrics in support...

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