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ERP implementation is a continuous process with continuous returns which include selecting and deploying a solution in an organization to manage and integrate the important parts of its business operations. It helps in improving the operation performance and improving the customer experience.

Divide by function:  One of the best practice is to break ERP deployments into manageable chunks of activity according to function and phase.

Process Processes Precisely:   The entire point of the ERP system is to transform your business, to transform it by first evaluating and revising your processes. Be brutal. Update, purge, replace, etc as needed.

Who is on top: If you really want to get Return on Investment (ROI), then it totally depends on the executive support and sufficient resource allocation over the entire scope and duration of the implementation project. If top management loses interest and fails to support the project, the ERP implementation will get sidetracked and the entire organization will suffer. 

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ERP Project Success: How to Choose an ERP System

White Paper By: Business Automation

How to Choose an ERP System? Selecting, installing and implementing a new ERP System may be the toughest business challenge you face because the results of the process are so critical to your business.  There are many common methods people use when trying to select the ERP software. Some of them work well, others don’t. This whitepaper discusses some of these techniques...

Platform Matters When Selecting An ERP

White Paper By: Kenandy

In order to survive, grow and compete in the digital age, you need an ERP that is easily configurable and extensible. ERP can benefit immensely from the availability of application services that ease and speed development and customization, as well as from the ecosystem that develops around the platform. Platform as a service (PaaS) is a cloud computing model that delivers applications over...

What if your legacy system could be the root cause of issues?

White Paper By: Kenandy

In a technologically advanced world, why are there still so many companies using outdated legacy ERP software systems to manage their business operations? Why don't they simply switch to an updated and efficient management solution? Today’s tech-driven economy requires companies to adapt forward-looking, innovative solutions to compete. Cloud ERP solutions are now enabling...

Fast Growing Companies are Leaving QuickBooks for Cloud ERP

White Paper By: Kenandy

The vast majority of companies start out by using QuickBooks as their first accounting product. Most of the organizations gradually implement various workarounds, as the pain points of relying on a tool designed for small businesses increases. A growing manufacturing company requires capabilities that go beyond entry-level accounting products augmented with add-ons. Here, the next logical...

10 Common ERP Mistakes And How To Avoid Making Them

White Paper By: HSO

The commitment of an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution can inspire any business owner to approve a costly, time-consuming planning and execution process.  However, not all ERP implementations are successful; many end in frustration, failure and wasted resources. To prevent a disaster with your ERP implementation, arm yourself with the right resources to avoid such...

Moving from Reactive to Proactive Enterprise Planning

White Paper By: 9Dots Management Corp, LLC

The proactive planning and analysis components of a comprehensive, enterprise planning system enables any organization to quickly deliver a sophisticated, linked planning model that accurately reflects business in all its inevitable complexity and detail.Is your organization able to employ the best practices for proactive planning, budgeting, forecasting and analytics? This whitepaper...

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