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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is an IT system, specifically a business process management software that allows organizations to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, financials, materials planning and human resources.

ERP systems help organizations to deal with all their financial, manufacturing, operations, reporting, and HR functions.

ERP implementation best practices include selecting and deploying a right ERP solution in an organization based on organization’s needs which help in improving the operation performance and the customer experience.


Platform Matters When Selecting An ERP

White Paper By: Kenandy

In order to survive, grow and compete in the digital age, you need an ERP that is easily configurable and extensible. ERP can benefit immensely from the availability of application services that ease and speed development and customization, as well as from the ecosystem that develops around the platform. Platform as a service (PaaS) is a cloud computing model that delivers applications over...

ERP Project Success: How to Choose an ERP System

White Paper By: Business Automation

How to Choose an ERP System? Selecting, installing and implementing a new ERP System may be the toughest business challenge you face because the results of the process are so critical to your business.  There are many common methods people use when trying to select the ERP software. Some of them work well, others don’t. This whitepaper discusses some of these techniques...

ERP Project Success: How to Prepare for an ERP System

White Paper By: Business Automation

Preparing for an ERP system implementation is an important step taken to prepare your company for a successful software implementation project. The key criteria of this white paper is how to implement ERP system successfully through business management system that can change out the existing system without causing disruptions to your business. Business management system includes all...

ERP Project Success: How to Implement an ERP System

White Paper By: Business Automation

How to prepare for an ERP and how to successfully implement an ERP system? Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has been one of the most popular business management solutions, providing benefits of real-time capabilities and seamless communication for business in large organizations. However, not all ERP implementations have been successful. One of the top reasons ERP...

Moving from Reactive to Proactive Enterprise Planning

White Paper By: 9Dots Management Corp, LLC

The proactive planning and analysis components of a comprehensive, enterprise planning system enables any organization to quickly deliver a sophisticated, linked planning model that accurately reflects business in all its inevitable complexity and detail.Is your organization able to employ the best practices for proactive planning, budgeting, forecasting and analytics? This whitepaper...

Break Down Data Silos to Boost Your Competitive Advantage

White Paper By: Deskera

Eliminating data silos with cloud-based business software can improve productivity, providing more accurate data, delivering better visibility, and reducing IT costs. Having different IT systems that can't communicate wrecks havoc across the organization has resulted in lower productivity, inaccurate and inconsistent data, poor insight and higher costs. What you will learn in this...

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