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With the evident demise of services mandated by paperwork, hand written ledgers and physical file systems, the government is moving towards an age digitization where information is delivered to the masses through the internet.

Government technology points towards web based applications, online documentation and online services, employed for the smooth functioning of the government. PAN card is one such ID which serves as a document that is digitized for verification and authenticated access throughout the country. It checks out as an evidence for the monetary transactions triggered by an individual while helping in keeping track of the information flow associated with the individual.

E-governance is a concept employed to make the facilities offered by the government reach the masses at a faster rate and with greater efficiency at managing the resourcing. Governments have also been known to use secure portals for the document verification and procedures requiring data entry by eliminating the use to kiosks and service centers that make procedures tedious. The use of internet and technology in simplifying the operations and functioning coupled with ‘information on demand’ is the sole essence of government technology. 

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Considerations for Modernizing the Government Data Center

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Good Governance A Key Aspect of CASS Compliance

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Access Governance Made Simple

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Five Best Practices For Information Security Governance

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Today’s economy depends on the secure flow of information within and across organizations as information security is an issue of vital importance. Successful Information Security Governance doesn’t come overnight; it’s a continuous process of learning, revising and adapting. While every company may have its specific needs, securing their data is a common goal for all...

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