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A healthcare system also sometimes referred to as health system, is a community or organizations that include people, resources and service to meet the health needs of society delivering health care services.

There are several aspects of the healthcare system including:

Hospital Systems: A group of hospitals working together to deliver healthcare services to society with each of them having a different type of ownership and financial goals e.g. Public hospitals, Private and Non-profit hospitals.

Public health programs/Health Insurance:  Healthcare system is designed to ensure that even poor can get different levels of healthcare in a timely, cost-effective and seamless manner through various health programs offered by government. Insurance is provided by employees to make sure expenses will be incurred from any disease or pay the care provider directly.

Types of patient care: Depending on the need, there are several different types of patient care including primary care, specialty care, emergency care, mental healthcare.


A Kubernetes Primer

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Value-Based Care The Future of Health Care

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Value of Clinical and Business Data Analytics for Healthcare Payers

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