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Healthcare is the process to improve the health of a being via the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments. In other words, Healthcare is an organized system of medical care concerned with the maintenance of the health of the whole body. Every individual requires a different care depending upon their health problem like some require normal care and some require extra special care. So on the basis of patient condition healthcare divides into various types. 

Primary Healthcare

Primary health care refers to the first level of the healthcare system which includes public, private and non-government sectors. It is the first point of the healthcare system by healthcare professionals.

Secondary Healthcare

Secondary health care is the second stage of health care system that includes diagnosis and treatment, performed in a hospital having specialized equipment and laboratory facilities.

Tertiary Healthcare

In case of the primary and secondary process fails to recover the patient from illness, that time they are referred for this tertiary healthcare process. It is the third level of the healthcare system that includes advanced diagnostic support services and specialized medical practitioners.

Preanalytical Considerations in the Design of Clinical Trials and Epidemiological Studies

White Paper By: Pacific Biomarkers

Preanalytical considerations in the design of clinical trials and epidemiologic studies are the cornerstones of the biochemical analyses. The main subject of clinical study design and epidemiology research is to monitor health, detect the harmful side effects and study the impact of therapeutic interventions. However, the largest contribution of errors in the clinical study design and...

Document Management for Healthcare Staffing

White Paper By: PDFfiller

A user-friendly healthcare document management platform can save lot of time and money by improving patient care and satisfaction, also reducing the risk of damage and increasing collaboration. Implementing an Online Document Management System can help you manage medical records and patients' healthcare information cost effectively by eliminating human auditing error. Does your...

National Evaluation System for Medical Devices:Compliance & Regularity

White Paper By: EngiSystems

National Evaluation System for Medical Devices has been built using real-world evidence to improve device safety and effectiveness. The establishment of a National Evaluation System for Medical Devices generates evidence across the total product lifecycle of medical devices by strategically and systematically leveraging real-world evidence and applying advanced analytics. This whitepaper...

Implementing a Clinical Data Repository and Analytics Platform in 90 Days

White Paper By: eClinical Solutions, LLC

What is the need of having a Clinical Data Repository and Analytics solution? Well, implementing a Clinical Data Repository (CDR) within a meaningful timeframe and a reasonable budget does not have to be a major IT initiative. With the right technology partner, a CDR can be implemented in 90 days. The capabilities are growing quickly and robust CDRs are available that allow companies to reap...

Take the Colorectal Cancer Screening Pledge: 80% by 2018

White Paper By: BioIQ

Colorectal cancer screening and early detection of colorectal cancer not only saves lives; it also saves money and resources-both for patients and providers. Screening rates are low and many barriers are present that need to be overcome in order to make a major global impact on colorectal cancer incidence and mortality. So how does screening prevent colorectal cancer and how can screening...

4 Steps to Control Health Care Costs with Predictive Analytics

White Paper By: DataSmart Solutions

Medical predictive analytics has the potential to revolutionize healthcare around the world. Predictive Analytics can help organizations to increase the accuracy of diagnoses and reduce the health care costs. Do you know how predictive analytics is directly impacting patient care and health care costs? What is the scope to save health care costs with Medical Predictive Analytics? How...

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