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HR automation is the process to improve the efficiency of human resources departments through automating the manual human resource processes and eliminating information-centered risks.

Human Resources, along with many other departments, relies upon document-driven processes to get their work done. For example, employment contracts must be read and signed by new employees during the onboarding process. In a paper-based office, this process requires someone to make sure the contract is accurately prepared and signed by the employee and received by the HR. This is quite time-consuming so software like enterprise content management (ECM) could save precious hours. This is precisely HR automation. Like ECM, much such software can help reduce the time taken for manual tasks. HR automation also involves in importing and organizing documents into a digital repository and archiving records as non-editable files and retained according to a complaint records retention schedule.

All About Millennials: Crossing A Multi-Generational Talent Pool

White Paper By: People Scout

Recruiting and retaining millenials has become challenging for the companies today. Many avenues are available for organizations to increase their awareness of Millennials’ needs. Millenials: Who are they and why should employers care about them? Millenials are the young individuals who possess unique characteristics that can strengthen workforces and bring new insight to...

Conducting An Employee Engagement Survey:Who to Survey, What to ask, When to Initiate

White Paper By: Quantum Workplace

In order to effectively measure employee engagement, you need to analyze your current employee data to ensure in-depth results? Are you asking the right questions? Is your survey date optimal for employee participation? Your organization’s engagement won’t improve if you don’t do something about it. It’s time to take action.  Gather employee feedback,...

The “Total Recognition” Solution: Why It’s The Only Starting Point Worth Considering

White Paper By: Madison

This white paper makes the case for the “Total Recognition” solution–a more balanced and complete implementation philosophy that from day one will afford a comprehensive answer to enterprise recognition. It examines the contemporary role of some of the more common recognition concepts including service awards, above and beyond initiatives, peer-to-peer programs...

Top 5 Ways to Maximize ROI Post FSM Deployment

White Paper By: ServicePower

Field service management solutions are designed to address these core field service problems, a transparent and guaranteed return on investment (ROI) is promised by vendors. Choosing the right solution will allow you to reap the benefits and maximize your earnings at the same time. What’s inside this whitepaper?? FIELD SERVICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE AND ROI ISSUES THAT...

Real-time Engagement: A Modern Approach to Better Workplaces

White Paper By: HighGround

Executives, managers, and HR leaders are all overwhelmed with information about how to engage employees in a meaningful way, with countless educational sessions, webinars, books and blog posts. But engagement hasn’t changed much since it became a focus.Employee engagement should be a consistent, ongoing exercise. Read this whitepaper that illustrates:...

Getting Started with Learning Management :Develop Employees to Grow Your Company

White Paper By: BigDog HR

When employees are fully engaged with the company and where it is going, they are more likely to stay and their performance will continue to improve. As is often the case, employees and employers can have different views of company initiatives like learning. While companies see it as a great opportunity, it’s possible that your employees may see it as a negative. When not met with a...

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