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HR technology assessment is basically a way of choosing and deciding upon the right type of technology that would be suitable and beneficial for a particular company’s HR needs. There are some general technologies that are suitable for most company’s HR needs but sometimes specific technology is required. Technology assessment also involves thorough evaluation and understanding of the company’s specific necessities. A technology concept that is very advanced and user friendly might be an obvious choice to most companies but after a detailed study, it might prove to be incompatible with certain companies. This conclusion of incompatibility can only be achieved after technology assessment. Therefore, HR Technology assessment directly involves in studying the various technology trends and models that could benefit the particular company and also help improve productivity along the way.


White Paper By: AltaFlux

Human resources departments are not being spared in the revolutionary change of the digital age, and for savvy leaders, this creates a ripe opportunity to transition from a support function to a business partner. HR leaders have the ability to shift their positions in organizations from that of a tactical support function to a dynamic and critical business partner. This whitepaper...

Critical Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Human Capital Management (HCM) System

White Paper By: SyncHR

Human Capital Management is defined as the process of managing an organization’s employees for them to contribute significantly in the overall productivity of organization. Organizations have their pick of these HCM solutions is making the decision of ‘which is the best’ for your organization a challenging one. As the digital HR is a top priority and with this surge of...

Merging Mobile & Social to Tackle the Talent Shift

White Paper By: People Scout

To tackle the talent shift, the marketplace has begun to scratch the proverbial surface of possibilities around merging social media and mobility as there are uncharted methods waiting to be uncovered. The current talent landscape is rapidly changing to include more young people and “sophisticated jobseekers” that are well versed in today’s mobile technology, and employers...

Putting People at The Center of Technology Design

White Paper By: Ultimate Software

This whitepaper explains the main drivers behind Ultimate’s people-first technology strategy and architecture, and how its approach is improving the work experiences for its customers and their employees. Read this whitepaper to learn about the challenges in employee engagement like: • Company-wide commitment to simplifying and improving work experiences for...

6 Steps to Performance Management Best Practice:A Practical Guide

White Paper By: Cornerstone OnDemand

Introducing a Performance Management strategy to your organization is an essential step in achieving organizational maturity.  When effectively implemented, performance management best practices result in a wide range of benefits for employees, managers and companies. This whitepaper aims to provide not-for-profit agencies in the community-based employment and training sector with a...

Getting Started with Learning Management :Develop Employees to Grow Your Company

White Paper By: BigDog HR

When employees are fully engaged with the company and where it is going, they are more likely to stay and their performance will continue to improve. As is often the case, employees and employers can have different views of company initiatives like learning. While companies see it as a great opportunity, it’s possible that your employees may see it as a negative. When not met with a...

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