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"The Human Resource Management or HRM of a company is the management of human resources which maintains and enhances the organization’s human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and assessment of HRM policies, programs, and practices." The HRM of a company is responsible for maintaining the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions; maintain staff by establishing a recruiting, testing, and interviewing program.

The HRM is primarily concerned with the relationship of management to employees within organizations, focusing on policies and on systems. It is also responsible for overseeing employee benefits design, employee recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal and rewarding. It also concerns itself with organizational change and industrial relations, that is, the balancing of organizational practices with requirements arising from collective bargaining from governmental laws.

Human Resource Document Management Technology: Finding the Right Solution

White Paper By: ACCESS

With increasing awareness of the security and governance risks posed by physical HR files, companies are looking for ways to efficiently convert all of their existing paper records into digital documents, in order to start down a new path that’s exclusively digital. There are no upfront capital expenditures for equipment and technology licenses, and there is no delay for provisioning the...

Critical Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Human Capital Management (HCM) System

White Paper By: SyncHR

Human Capital Management is defined as the process of managing an organization’s employees for them to contribute significantly in the overall productivity of organization. Organizations have their pick of these HCM solutions is making the decision of ‘which is the best’ for your organization a challenging one. As the digital HR is a top priority and with this surge of...


White Paper By: AltaFlux

Human resources departments are not being spared in the revolutionary change of the digital age, and for savvy leaders, this creates a ripe opportunity to transition from a support function to a business partner. HR leaders have the ability to shift their positions in organizations from that of a tactical support function to a dynamic and critical business partner. This whitepaper...

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