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Why you should use hybrid cloud storage

Cloud storage still faces hurdles when it comes to commercial uptake despite all the hype around it. These hurdles include concerns over access speed and latency, as well fears around security, compliance and data portability.

Cloud and storage suppliers have found out a potential solution. There is no longer a necessity to use cloud-hosted storage for any or all of your data with hybrid cloud storage, instead it I now possible for data to reside on-site, in either a public cloud or in a private cloud – whichever is suitable for your performance needs, regulatory compliance, your risk assessment and, of course, the economics involved.

As a relatively cheap way to help protect against technology and site failures, the most common enterprise use for cloud storage today is for off-site backup and archiving. If backup can be done from a snapshot it also makes these applications less sensitive to latency and bandwidth limitations.

Hybrid cloud storage Explained 

Hybrid cloud storage is a sort of combination that uses on-premise storage and storage in the public cloud to create a greater overall value. An approach to managing storage that uses both off-site and local resources is what hybrid cloud storage is. Hybrid cloud storage is often used to add to internal storage with public cloud storage. While concurrently moving inactive data to the cloud in a transparent manner, policy engines keep frequently used data on-site.

Organizations will be allowed to advantage of cost-effectiveness and scalability of cloud storage without exposing mission critical data with the hybrid approach

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