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IoT Gateway Defined and Explained in detail 

There is a gap between IoT devices, sensors, equipment, systems and the cloud which is filled by an IoT gateway. This gateway can be a hardware appliance or virtual. The gateway is not equipped with the sensors. The gateway software is installed on the device will collect the data from the sensor, pre-process that data, and then send the results to the data center.

What do IoT gateways do?

IoT gateways perform several vital things like connecting devices, conversion of protocol, filtering of data and processing, security, and much more. IoT gateways sit at the junction of periphery systems—devices, controllers, sensors, and the cloud. IoT gateways close the gap between devices in the field and the Cloud, where data is collected, stored and manipulated by business applications and instantiate a bidirectional communication between the field and the cloud.

IoT gateways facilitate to conduit the gap between process and IT infrastructure within a business. They gather and process in real-time in the field or at the network edge by optimizing system performance through the operational data.

IoT gateways can perform some enhancements to the OT and IT:

•    High Scalability

•    Lowering Costs

•    Faster Production

•    Reduce Telecommunications Cost

•    Mitigate Risks and adds a layer of security

Traditional gateways perform basic gateway functionalities. Nowadays through Smart IoT gateways edge analytics is performed on the data produced by IoT devices before it is sent to cloud.

There are few challenges in designing an IoT gateway such as node connectivity, backend connectivity, management server, local intelligence, power considerations, security, and serviceability.

What users have to look out for in a gateway device?

  • Network security

  • Downtime

  • Connectivity issues

  • Remote updates

  • Power

Some of enterprise IoT gateway vendors are Dell, HPE, Cisco, Huawei, Adlink, and much more. 

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