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IoT Platform Explanation

While the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices that is rooted with software, electronics, actuators and sensors that enables objects to connect and exchange data, the Internet of Things (IoT) platform is what makes IoT happen for the devices. IoT platform is an application that connects IoT with cloud and the output devices corresponding to it.

The set of components of an IoT platform enables operation of applications that manage, control and monitor devices as well as deploys independent and secure connectivity between devices, remote data collection from connected devices and sensor management.

Often referred to as IoT middleware, the IoT platform is a mediator between the application layer and the hardware and the best has the capability of integrating with any device and the applications used by the device. The non-reliance of complex hardware and software allows the IoT platform to implement IoT features straightforwardly in any connected device.

There are various significant criteria that can differentiate one IoT platform from another and they include ease of use, scalability, integration with third-party software, code control, data security level and deployment options.

IoT platforms play quite a crucial role for startups and smart device vendors as they can use it to furnish their products with real-time or remote control functioning, notification alerts, cloud services that are pluggable as well as integration smartphones and various other devices.

From a broader application perspective, the IoT platform for firms in the industrial sector optimizes cost be it through monitoring devices and vehicles remotely, collecting sensor data for real-time production analytics, predicting maintenance of equipment, tracking end-to-end cargo delivery and ensuring safety.

IoT platform also ensures large scale IoT cloud solutions for the smart city and smart energy integrators as well as CSPs, and it also ensures technological improvement as well as better customer experience in sectors such as healthcare, retail, hospitality, and travel.

The four types of platform that are referred to IoT platforms include Connectivity/ M2M platforms, IaaS backends, hardware-specific software platforms and consumer/enterprise software extensions. 

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