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IT Strategy Definition

Information Technology is the essential part of an organization. With rapidly changing technologies, funding challenges and growing competition in the market, it's essential for the organization to have a roadmap to follow, in order to achieve the desired goals, which is basically known as IT strategy. The success of the IT strategies depends on the strong leadership of the CIO(Chief Information Officer) and CTO(Chief Technical Officer) together. Since many stakeholders are involved in the funding process in the organization, getting their buy-in is essential.The best way to obtain the buy-in is too include them in the process as much as we can.The strategy has to be a documented one. The key factors like the strengths, weakness, opportunities as well as threats (SWOT) are to be discussed.

A typical IT strategy will contain basically the following points:

  • Summary of the current state.

  • Summary of the target state.

  • Roadmap on how to get from current state to the target state.

  • Summary of the risks and reducing techniques.

Basically, an organization should outline a strategic plan in four-part format:


A statement that captures the guiding principles of the firm’s IT. This statement should be used as the benchmark.


Basically an audit of the hardware and software that an organization has.

3.Gap Analysis:

Review the firm’s inventory of equipment, network, and software.

4.Planning document:

Identify the features and functions of the proposed solution and initiative exposed through the gap analysis.

5.Identifying and setting future goals:

Looking at the shortcomings of the company in the past, future plans have to be made so that the mistakes are not repeated again.   

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