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To sell a product, a company follows some marketing techniques and strategies to get themselves identified by the customers in the market. It basically involves some marketing plans in order to ensure that the right mix of products is reaching the right audience. It starts from the production department to the product manufacture; marketing department focused on promoting, distributing and pricing the product; and finally the finance department to provide the appropriate funding for developing the product, and costs involved in promoting the products.

Marketing Vs Sales

Marketing and Sales are the two important things for any business to run successfully. Implementing forward-looking marketing strategies can help to understand customers needs, perceptions and ensure successful sales. The primary aspect of marketing strategies is to build a brand identity for a company which varies from company to company. Marketing and sales both can be managed by the same department as both are closely related. Sales without any marketing strategy can still succeed, but it makes the job very tedious, whereas, an effective marketing strategy can make the sales job easier.

Different Types of Marketing

With the emergence of new technologies, marketing through the internet has opened new doorways to online advertising, further making it easier for companies to improve their brand identity.

  • Digital marketing is also known as data-driven marketing related to marketing products and services online through digital technologies including mobile phones and advertising boards.
  • Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Linkedin and many others to promote products and services. These social media channels help to target specific audiences and niche markets while getting more customers to the site. In another instance, social media platforms give customers the option to share their views on brands, products & services which helps to improve readership and gain more brand reputation.
  • Mobile marketing—marketing through mobile phones has become popular in the recent days. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and smart devices there is a huge transformation in the marketing space. This transformation has changed the way how marketers work with each other as well as with the consumers. The online shopping brands, retail brands, and e-commerce have moved from traditional practices to modern approaches to increase positive consumer behavior.
  • Content Marketing —is creating, publishing and distributing content to the targeted audiences online in order to generate more leads, increase sales, expand customer base, more profit and building an online community of users.

Emerging Technologies and Innovations in Marketing

Technological advancements had paved a new way for marketers in experimenting new methodologies and technologies to target the right audiences. 

  • Virtual/ Digital assistants can play a huge role in marketing, monitoring the user interactions and predicting the data stored in the systems. This makes it easier for marketers to target the people through their behavior and interests.
  • Automation tools in marketing will not just revolve around creating a campaign for customers and tracking behavior. The predictive analytics tools also help digital marketers to predict the futuristic sales from the big data. 

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