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Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management simply is known as MAM is software that is designed especially for mobile applications that are used to secure and manage these mobile applications. MAM can be employed both in smart phones and tablets. MAM manages all the mobile apps under certain policies to ensure security to the end user by restricting the data sharing process under corporate norms and regulations.

In today’s world, everything is tech savvy allowing BYOD in so many organizations. These organizations employ MAM so that the employee can use this device only for work-related matters. Furthermore, a MAM allows the organization to lock the apps that can collect data under certain rules leaving the user’s personal data untouched.

Some the rich features of MAM include device activation, enrollment capability, provisioning capability, remote wipe and other device level features.

An organization can enable different types of MAM:

Software Development Kit and Application Wrapping:

These include adding particular code to the app that connects the device to MAM software enabling the organization to have data control.


Also known as application sandboxing secludes particular apps from other apps like a container. These apps that are secluded can’t have access to anything that is happening outside the container.

Device Level MAM:

Using MDM protocol MAM software can control the data transfer between the apps. Apple’s Open Management In feature also allows the user to have control of their data. 

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